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It's my dream since 2002 to have website on my own name. I have read few books on webdesigning and experimented bits and pieces and finally in 2009 launched this website. The initial motto was just to have one and now it turned to be a website of some recognition with more than 1000 pages. Here I scribble on various issues spread across anything on earth and in universe. I am just a normal engineering graduate with no extra superlatives - so you may not find something extraordinary - but you will sure find something worth a glance. Just as you are here - spend few moments to scroll down and roam across.

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ExploreIts just a small attempt to touch upon India's eternal History, mesmirising culture and buoyant steaming young population.We tried to present information on India's history, harappan civilization,Rivers, etc..

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Our Info Section is a source of wide range on information on various intresting topics like Education(Various Resources On Geography, physics etc..), Webdesigning, Various Useful Softwares, Internet Marketing, Technical News, Railways .. the list is adding on ...

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About SCRA exam conducted by UPSC All about 12 Jyotirlingas dedicated to Lord Shiva
Char Dham
About Char Dhams About Indian Dams

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