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Story Of Seven Kins


              This is about Dilip Kuamr(the third of the Seven Kins)By Mr.Trinadh...

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Dilip Kumar..... The Third

Perhaps if there is some person I would like to emulate in my life in terms of determination,dedication,devotion,discipline and respect towards elders and yet being down to earth that would be this man-Dilip Kumar. The Eldest son of Shree SambaSiva Rao Tammina and Saikumari Tammina, this guy is born in Vijayawada on 13th May,1984 and is born with many talents .Firstly he is cute, secondly he is good at studies, thirdly he respects elders and the gamut runs.

Though given birth by their parents, this guy is brought up under the watchful and ever caring eyes and hands of his grandmother , Shree Ranga Nayakamma who used to do everything for this kid right from bathing him, readying him to school, feeding him and making him study too. This is Perhaps the reason why this guy never went outside to play with peers of his age and sometimes we  cousins of him were also deprived of his time because his grandmother was always watchful in not letting this guy go outside.

Another Person who had profound influence on this guy is Dilips’ Father Shree SambaSivarao garu. He is Dilip’s friend, aide, guide,mentor in life.Shree SambaSivaRao garu was a cloth merchant in Vijayawada. He and Shree  Saikumari had another son by name Abhishek.

The couple loved their kids very much and gave them the best always in their life.Shree SambaSivaRao garu used to bring lots of toys and games when he returned from camps and all these gadgets used to turn into pile of rubble thanks to the ever naughty and dynamic hands of Abhishek.

Dilip is a class topper right from his childhood. He was the district topper in Seventh class Exams. He scored above 80% in his tenth and then got  admitted in Sree Krishna veni talent School in 1999 for pursuing his intermediate studies. There he showed good promise to the institute’s director and soon everyone realized that Dilip would be a topper in the Sate Common Entrance test for Engineering. Unfortunately his father suffered huge losses in Business  and from a state of so much, Dilip’s Family turned to a state of nothing in few months time.

I still remember this guy walking a kilometer distance from his home everyday to the bustop, carrying a heavy bag, full of books and a lean tiffin box covered in polythene bag and stuffed with less food and more love by his mother.

The economic debacle of his family left Dilip in doldrums and he was left with no money to pay  the tuition for his college. The College management realizing the genius in Dilip offered free education for the second year and also accommodation before the final exam-EAMCET.He got affected with jaundice weeks before the final Exam of his State Common Entrance Test .I should say if it were any other person other than him, it would be have been very difficult to come on top from a situation like this. In a manner befitting a champion like him, this guy got a state rank of 81 in the State wide common entrance test. That was a huge disappointment to the college management as they expected Dilip would secure a rank in Top 10, but given the circumstances that Dilip was in during that time, this was beyond argument a great achievement. Dilip and his family shifted to Visakhapatnam in 2001 due to personal reasons and this was a bold decision taken by his MOM.

This guy got a Seat in REC Warangal (now NIT Warangal after it was granted Deemed university status by the central government) and he secured admission in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Branch. All through this process, there was only one thing that was fuel to Dilip’s run, His Mother’s Love.

There were days when he used to go after organizations like Lion’s Club and philanthropists who can support a brilliant student’s education. He did not even have enough money to pay his tuition and expenses. This was the period that made Dilip learn What Life is all about- it is not always a bed of roses; it is sometimes a bed of thorns too but this guy learned how to walk on that bed of thorns and to walk in pain and yet, in silence. He never ever gave up his dignity and self esteem all through this process. He emerged a tough individual from this process.

It was in December 2001 that Dilip came to Visakhapatnam to take the Special Class Railways Apprentices Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission; conducted every year during those years by the UPSC( now UPSC conducts the exam every two years). Much to the surprise of everyone except Dilip, he emerged winner in that exam and was called for Interview in the month of May 2002 in New Delhi. Actually, I was to accompany him to Delhi but could not do that. Let me tell you one incident in the interview that exemplifies how smart this person is. When he was Interviewed by a panel of 5, all experts in their own field, he was asked by one of the interviewer if a lean person like him will be able to handle the rigors of the Mechanical training of the course, this guy answered it with a bouncer and the interview panel was astonished to listen to this courageous yet smart answer from this guy. Dilip Simply said, “If a lean Person like Gandhiji can unite the people of the country and bring us freedom why can’t I be a part of an organization like railways and withstand its rigors”. Hah, you guessed it right after hearing the answer, this guy got through the interview too and went too Secunderbad for the medical examination. He is Lean but Lethal. He got through the medical examination too. By that time, Dilip Successfully completed his First year of Engineering in EEE at REC Warangal. He got a call from the UPSC that he was one of the 15 persons recommended for the course at Indian Railways Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers( in short called IRIMEE) at Jamalpur, Bihar. Dilip was in REC Warangal pursuing his second year of Engineering and I called him to pack his luggage and come home immediately as he has to report to the institute in three days. This was again a bold decision taken by Dilip and given the circumstances that Dilip was in; it was the correct decision too. He went to Jamalpur and then became a Proud IRIMEEite .Tell you what on how serious this course was. Actually out of the 15 candidates  who got selected for the course 5 dint turn up in the end but UPSC dint call any to fill the 5 seats as it is the policy of the institute to run the course with even one student if he takes it.

Dilip Successfully completed his course. This guy used to travel in a separate Lounge (along with 9 of his other batch mates )that was attached at the end of the train which used to take them to Ranchi as these people were officially admitted to BITS Ranchi even though they used to learn the courses in Jamalpur. All throughout this illustrious career of his in Railways, he was travelling to each and every corner of India in First class. He is a class one officer in Railways and a Gazetted officer too. So it is obvious right??.Dilip was posted in Gutty Diesel Shed of Guntakal Division in February 2008 as Assistant Divisional Mechanical Engineer of The Indian Railways and currently posted in Guntakal Diesel shed in the same post. He is Boss to some 800 employees in the shed but tell you what this guy is a real Gem in everything good about him but I would like to mention one thing that impresses me very much. He always bows his head before elders. Iam his cousin and elder to him only in age and nothing else to be frank, but this guy takes my advice always ,respects me every second and always believes he still has a long way to go when it comes to learning things in life.

Recently this talented person got selected in the Prelims of UPSC Civil Services Examination and took the Mains Exam in the months of October and November 2008. Yes you heard it right, this guy took the civils exam and got selected even though he works seven days a week in his job. Hahaha, something for all our cousins to take out from his book.

Dilip is a good writer ,he writes telugu songs, writes plays and kits and enacted some roles in them, the most famous being the Legendary Veerappan character. The role played By Dilip’s Mother and Father in moulding him, in nurturing him and in shaping him as a champion is noteworthy to mention here. His Little brother Abhishek is another Champion born in this family. A true mathematics freak and an ardent admirer of Shree Srinivasa Ramanujan, Abhishek is currently pursuing his Undergraduate course in Electronics and Communications Engineering in Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management (GITAM), which is, one of the top private engineering colleges in India.

All through this description, I thoroughly enjoyed doing my job. Of course, when you are given the opportunity to talk about a Champion you would relish it right?. He is truly a Champion and for me, he is an epitome of a Perfect Gentleman and more than that, a Loving Brother.

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