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Story Of Seven Kins


              This is about Mr.Trinadh Kumar(the Eldest of the Seven Kins)By Mr.Dilip Kumar and Mr.Ravi Chandra...

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Trinadh Kumar ..... The First

Mr.Trinadh is a Dia-Ru-Sa.(Does it sound like a Daemon?? I will clear it-- Dia-Su-Ra(Diamond+ Sapphire+ Ruby) is  a most precious stone maunfatured by the amalgam of the three most precious stones by a P2C2E(Process too Complicated to Explain)).Yes he is a gem of a person, a person of wide varitety of tastes and intrests .To keep it in the words of my mother Sri. Sai Kumari  “Out of the seven Kins , He is the One with true heart”. Yes “He is The One”. He is the the true strength of the bonding of the ‘seven kins’. He is the base, the platform on which the seven kins can build a monument of grace and pride. No exaggerations—what so ever!!!

Generally first impression is said to be the best, but when you meet this person in your first encounter you may rate him as orthodox, a normal general guy. You may not be counting him  in your buddies list. But wait on, the next time you meet him your impression will be changed completely. The more you meet and the more you know him, the more you are lost-lost in a person who is ever encompassing.

Mr.Trinadh Kumar Potina was born to Sri Potina Satyanarayana and Potina Satyaveni on 21st of May,1983. Yaa, he is a taurean and got that rock hard stability. From then he is the forerunner of his family legacy. His family is very famous and can be called rich in the locality of Madhuravada (Visakhapatnam). From childhood he had that sharpness and niche and used to completely outsmart many elders. He was very naughty in his childhood. Even his mother (my Aunt) used to fear his words(******) . He got his Grand Father’s language,which indeed is very hot. But with time, soon all that naughtiness vanished and only a gentle smile with a true heart left over.

He joined in the Visakha Valley School. His sharp mind used to receive all praises from teachers. He had a great liking for sports and he is a good football player. He is very inquisitive. His little questions used to clean-bold even teachers, professionals… Our uncle used to narrate incidents where he made a lawyer feel like a kid.He is very fond of books. He maintains a library of all his books, right down from first class now upto MS. Unquestionable quest for knowledge.

In the mean while, he faced a lot of troubles from family side which are unbearable for a kid. He saw life from different angles, when he is not matured enough to understand . A lot of trauma was prevailing in his family due to death of his sisters. It was all a gloomy dream. It’s a nightmare to all his family members. Putting an end to all that, an angel arrived in their (all  our) family Ms.Roja. She brought all those lost smiles and added a duty of brotherhood to Mr.Trinadh.  He knows how to handle responsibilities. And how he handled the responsibility of a naughty sister received khudos from all the corners. Not only that, he handle the brotherhood of all the six in such a way that none of them can ever imagine smooth life without him.

He completed his school education (X class) with flying colours. His creative angle inspires him to pen down melodious lyrics. Joined by his other buddies he gave performances to All India Radio during his student age.

Then he went to Chaitanya College to pursue his intermediate education. His polite behavior and his inquistive quest were admired by all his lectures. But his unconventional outlook left him with few, but very good and tight friends. He never used to chill out for movies, beaches… which is quiet a fashion among college folks. He never crossed the word of his mother.

This was the time of many twists in my life. My family shifted to Visakhapatnam from Vijayawada. My Aunts Shri Satyaveni (Mr.Trinadh’s Mother) and Shri Malleswari(Mr.Ravi Chandra’s Mother ) were very instrumental in rebuilding our collapsed family.

I was completely lost. It was the time when my cousins Mr.Trinadh and Mr.Ravi Chandra stood behind me and its all due to their moral boost-up I am what I am. Its due to their company I was able to see the outside world. I still cherish the late night movies we watched together. It’s the basic building block of our bonding, which I believe is getting stronger and stronger. It is he who used to sponsor all our movies, chill-outs. I learnt a lot in their company. We kids used to discuss many issues - family, girl friends, marriage... We used to dream of building a business empire, producing a movie… Don’t know how many of them will come true, but those days are a bright coloured patch in our life. Its then I came to know of my two cousins Mr.Trinadh and Mr.Ravi Chandra better. Its always our big brother(Mr.Trinadh) who used to influence us both with his words and actions. Without him our trio has no meaning. Frankly speaking that time I got to understand the amount of satisfaction one can derive by helping others.

He has set some rules in his life. He doesn’t like those rules to be broken. The first rule is ‘obey your parents, what so ever the case may be’. He loved a girl from the very childhood. That girl had a prominent place in his heart. But when he got to know that his parents don’t like him marrying her, he dropped his love, he dropped his heart. And may be this, that might have influenced both of us (Mr.Ravi And Myself) to do the same thing in our lives.

There are numerous small incidents where he taught me wide set of new things in life. He did the role of a trainer, to teach me bike riding and car driving. I should confess he is a tough teacher.

When I got selected to SCRA exam, there was a lot of confusion about the procedures. I don’t have some required certificates. I was a dumb fellow at that time(may be now also) and its him and Mr.Ravi Chandra who has done all the work from collecting the certificates, talking to  the UPSC and they have arranged it completely smooth .All I had to do is, only travelling. This all is one step, but the great thing of these two guys is that they don’t expect anything in return.

He got admission to GITAM in 2002(Popular Engineering College in Andhra Pradesh) for BTECH in Bio-Technology. It was really a tough decision to opt for Bio-tech. But he took the decision and he stuck to it, bold and strong, facing all the odds.

His passion for knowledge isn’t limited to books. He is very practical. I can recall, he along with Mr.Ravi Chandra going on a wild quest to Nalgonda District to study the effect of Flourosis (a disease caused due to consumption of hard water) on the local folks. It was really a tough task to handle for college kids. But see his commitment. He is not like others who work on their project by sitting back in their cozy homes and completing the projects by cut-copy-paste.

Engineering itself is a tough task and consumes good amount of time and added to it, in Bio-tech one has to read Biology which people kick out in the X class itself and adding to this , it is a new branch in the college  with limited faculty. All these obstacles can’t stop a hurricane like Mr.Trinadh. He not only washed away all the obstacles , in addition he pursued BSc(Math-physics-Chemistry) by distance education mode. Can u imagine?? Its not over dudes… To add to this already stuffed heavy cake he added the Cream of NCC. Ya he is a regular Cadet and got ‘C’ certificate also. Don’t droop on the cake, wait .. there is still more. He also pursued a one year course on AIDS from IGNOU. When Its tough to write what all he had done, I really can’t understand how he handled all this. Man that’s why he is Dia-sa-ru, a Daemon with a never ending thirst for knowledge and hunger for good deeds.

In engineering also he maintained his own way. His unconventional attitude was not well received by his peers. And once again he was left with a few 'very good' friends. It is tough to make him a friend. But once you are added to his list, he cares for you so much that you can’t find space to breathe on. Its during this time that he sometimes behaved erratically. He started re-evaluating himself. Its during this time a complete personality evolved, which later added more grace.

On completion of his B.Tech, he hadn’t got the job. They were not allowed to take part in Campus interviews. The college management failed to plan it properly. The companies were left under impression that Bio-Techies are of no use to them. Had they allowed them, they must have understood that it is their companies that are small for these bright techies.

This all got him into a fix. He got a degree which has less scope in India, given the nascent stage of Bio-technology. He has to go for higher education. He applied for Masters in Bio-technology from Anna University. He got a brilliant rank of 15, but given the reservation scheme, he was unable to get to Anna University. It’s a big blow on his dreams. I can recall the day when he broke down into tears, knowing this. His anguish is not about his career, but that he is unable to repay his parents , who have given him so much. Had it been any other, it might have been a big collapse. But this Daemon with unmatched valor took the fight with life. He took it as an opportunity.

He then got selected into much chosen few, for a six months course at IICT, Hyderabad. It is a premier research institute. There he got some great exposure to advanced Bio-technology. He came across some great professors, experts in various fields. He worked on Super Computer PARAM. What not…? But still he presents him so simplified before his folks and so underestimates himself that people can’t see the glorious spark in their first encounter.

He stood second out of the bright stars there.  His final project impressed his guide so much that he sent it for an International Conference. It was selected. The topic was too technical for me to recall.  He later given the presentation alone as his partner was unable to turn up. He got some true international exposure.

In the mean while he never ended the battle. He pursued certificate course in Java from NIIT. Added to it, he took coaching for GRE. Added to this, his mother’s land sunk into disputes and resulted in a long litigation. It is just like walking on a rope with a series of mud pots filled with water on head. He crossed that with brilliance, without spilling a drop of water. It was the time when he was subjected to high tension. His integrity, dedication was being questioned. He was left with a big question of career. What to do next? He bombed all this with a very good score in GMAT and TOFEL. Looking at his credentials which institute can dare turn down his application.

He then got admitted into Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock (one of the best Universities of Higher learning in Texas). And he is still continuing the conquest….

His true heart impresses many people, and he has a long list of fans from both genders. He has that unmatched efficiency of boosting up people. He speaks after thinking twice, thrice, ten times. He never slips his tongue-never ever.

He is a person who thinks a lot about his family, his friends, his countrymen. I can still recall his emotional appeal to eradicate derailments, rail accidents at a speech in a gathering of my batch mates and parents during a get together .

 He can never spare under performance not only of his but also of his close kins, buddies. He judges people after thorough observation. His words inspire and scratch your heart right into the deepest because he speaks out his heart. He is the one who always encouraged me to do something more and fight for extra, when I thrown away the sword and gasping for rest. My dream of Civil Services dwindled many times, but he is the one who used to pump enough energy and zeal to ride on.

Abdul Kalam words “Dream Dream…..till they turn true” are thoroughly imbibed in his mind. He Dreams constructing a great castle of Self respect and success not just for him, but for all the seven kins.. there lies his selflessness. There lies his greatness where in his dreams, we all have a place.

He is a follower of Christianity, not like those who speak all good words of bible and do all the bad deeds. He is one of the very few guys who I have seen, who really follow the essence of Bible not the words.

Coming to his other side, his wit and humour are unmatched. Along with Mr.Ravi Chandra he sets the atmosphere ablaze, where you can have no excuse from stomach break laughing. His polished writing skills, his way of presenting all are a class apart.  And if all goes well according to the plan, a blockbuster movie will be released from our family banner.

In my view “A good guy is one, wish that everything should go well and he doesn’t do anything bad to anyone, but a kind hearted one is one who can’t allow bad to happen, he will try to prevent it, however hard it may be.” Here stands an example, my second cousin (Mr.Ravi Chandra) was asked by his mother (Shri Malleswari garu)to marry a girl and Mr.Ravi doesn’t like her. Me thinking myself as a good guy, supported his views, here I haven’t thought about the consequences. I might have acted so, because Mr.Ravi Likes it to be so. But here comes the difference, Mr.Trinadh supported Mr.Ravi’s Mother, because he know the consequences. He acted according to his conscience; he hasn’t supported Mr.Ravi,    in spite of the close bonding between them. At one time everything seems to be breaking up. But at the end, Mr.Ravi agreed for the marriage. He stood on whats best for Mr.Ravi. Sometimes the thing that best suites is the least we like, but there should be someone who can suggest us. And it is Mr.Trinadh for us seven kins. The Eldest and definitely the ‘Dharma Raju’.

So have I exaggerated in calling him Dia-Ru-Sa?? It may seem so, but in my perception he is the one .He got the tough resilience of a diamond, the sapphires’ kindness, he is a Rubic gentleman.

He Is The One

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Visitors Comments

roja pothina
20 Apr 2013, 20:04
guys tis is not fare i think it has been sum years since u hav created tis page but stil my page is empty. :( if u dont want to write bout me delete my name otherwise wil giv u 1 week tym complete my story plzzzzzz ra inka enni rojulu ala vunchutharu alochinchandi.
roja pothina
24 Oct 2012, 19:53
abba em rasavu ra :p
Dilip Kumar
08 Sep 2009, 13:40
Corrected Brother :)
08 Sep 2009, 13:26
Hahaha here comes the DEVIL's ADVOCATE--Our cute Sister Roja..Sure Roja, i will soon add your story too. Why not?. Not only people who do good will be in the news. People who create havoc will also be shown in limelight dear, just like you.
:) :) :) :)

Correction for both of you. I completed 'C' Certificate in NCC with 'B' Grade.
Also i took GRE, not GMAT.


pothina roja
08 Sep 2009, 13:16
Hi this is ROJA POTHINA from vizag.i think u guys know me .hey after reading this the only thing i felt is that u r boasting about ur family.anyways u r very lucky to have him as ur brother after reading this i cant keep quiet without appreciating u hey from where did u collect this information yaar it took 20 min for me to complete tis big story . hey there r many mistakes in this story yaar ,he secured C grade in NCC u just call him and verify k hey stupid when will u write about me even u know that i m the most imp candidate Among us so write fast k bye yourslovingly ROJA POTHINA
05 Sep 2009, 02:36
I appreciate the heartfelt thanks to your family members , especially the gratitude or the respect towards Mr Trinadh,which cannot be not measured.The love affection and admiration all are maintained on all times.Keep it up and move on.Rock on guys.