Saturday, 24 Apr 2010

Facebook all set to rule the Web world

Now a days it's the virtual world every where. Anything that happens in real world happens here - you make friends, find your first love and also the clinkering breakage of hearts do take place. It's the web world - the web 2.0 - the social media. Facebook and Twitter are no doubt pioneers in this part of world.

And moreover Facebook, the largest social networking site set out its stall to unseat Google and be at the heart of the web experience as it becomes more social. It has already  overtaken Google as the most visited US website.


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Video: A Group dance by me and my friends

Dear readers,

I am very glad that My website is being visited by good number of people and  am very happy to get inspiring feedbacks. I am striving to make in better with more useful and at the same time fun filled info . Mean while apart from the good and rated stuff, I just want to share a group dance performed by me and my friends in a local competition. It was on a popular telugu song "my Love is Gone" ....


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Hubble space telescope celebrates 20 years of awe and astonishing discoveries

The Hubble Space Telescope celebrates its 20th anniversary Saturday and NASA has released a new photograph from the orbiting observatory of a cosmic pillar of gas and dust piled high in the Carina Nebula galaxy. Videos and images of some stunning space carnivals are released by NASA....


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Munnar Stay: Mount Club Resort , Chinnakanal - Review
My munnar Visit in Brief - Travel, Stay, Eat , Seen!!!
Layman's Statistical Prediction of Lok sabha 2019- BJP again!

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