Friday, 17 Sep 2010

Health Effects of Social Networking - Good and Bad


The human communication has underdone various changes from yester times.  From signs and gestures to language- language to writing – writing to pigeon mails – then telegraph – telephone – email – mobile-social networking websites ---- The new technologies enabled interaction between people away by miles but created distance between neighbors. When was the last time you have entered in to neighbor’s house for a cup of coffee? Or when was the last time you invited them for a cup of coffee? May be different people have different answers.  One more thing that many of us complain is that we don’t get enough time to do some jogging, exercises, or for some hobby etc.  But how much time we are spending on facebook or any social networking site or on Tv ?  

And if you are spending a considerable time of your busy schedule on facebooking, or orkutting or tweeting then read on … 



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