Wednesday, 7 Nov 2012

Dance- the Soul Liberator

What will you do if you are happy? – You may smile, laugh and even cry. What if you are very, very happy? You may sing. What if you are very, very, very … happy? You must be dancing. I feel dance is the ultimate expression of joy, a joy which is beyond all calculations. Dance may also be the expression of other emotions but the joyful dance  is more predominant and versatile. Its a state of eternal bliss where you get lost and rediscover yourself. Animals may not smile or laugh, but they also dance to communicate and express their joy. It is the animal instinct surviving predominantly in man however civilized he may become. It preceded all civilized inventions like language, culture, art and civilization. There are various forms of dances all over the world and some new forms may be getting added. Dance is always accompanied by music. Dance and music must have evolved together entangling each other and might have got separated with evolution. Music can exist without dance but dance can't exist in separation. Dance played a major role in all most all civilizations


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