Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009

MIT tries to solve history’s ‘largest mass poisoning’

Researchers in MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering believe they have pinpointed a pathway by which arsenic may be contaminating the drinking water in Bangladesh, a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists, world health agencies and the Bangladeshi government for nearly 30 years.. 


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Thursday, 10 Sep 2009

India Under Severe Water Stress - NASA!!!

The NW India is under water stress from years. Everyone knows that ground water is being used at an alarming rate. But there is no concrete data about what is the rate of decline of ground water level. NASA with it's GRACE satellite comes up with some DATA.. please Read on...... 


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Sunday, 3 May 2009

New way of CUltivating Rice with Less water and seeds smile

India made enormous strides during and after the Green Revolution that enabled the country to become self sufficient in food grains. The revolution allowed India to lift millions of people out of poverty. Agricultural growth during this period reduced poverty by raising farm incomes, increasing the demand for rural labor, and reducing food prices....


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