Sunday, 20 Nov 2011

India's Longest Train Service Unveiled

Who else can play the great role as integrator in this Vast country except Indian Railways? Whether accepted or not it is the tying string of all the various colorful flowers of this diversified country. In it's venture as the BIG DOST of this country men Indian Railways unvieled on 19th November the longest train journey of the country which counts as the 8th longest in the world..

Union Minister of Development of North Eastern Region Paban Singh Ghatowar flagged off the inaugural train run of the Vivek Express at Dibrugarh station , a new weekly train that now boasts the longest rail route in the country – 4,286 km all the way from Dibrugarh in upper Assam, to Kanyakumari at the southern tip of Tamil Nadu, that will be covered in 82.30 hours.  in the presence of Assam Revenue Minister Prithibi Majhi and General Manager of North East Frontier Railway Keshav Chandra.  


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Friday, 26 Feb 2010

Microsoft shuts down the global spam network with court order

Microsoft has won court approval to shut down a global network of computers which it says is responsible for more than 1.5bn spam messages every day..


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Thursday, 7 Jan 2010

Microsoft Shows Off Slate PC

As the heat is building up for Apple’s iSlate, a sudden change has been occurred in the atmosphere. And it comes from one the oldest buddy of Apple, Microsoft. Aiming to fend off competitors in a bid to expand Microsoft's consumer reach, CEO Steve Ballmer announced a new slate computer Wednesday night as he kicked off the annual International Consumer Electronics Show.

Essentially a laptop with no keyboard, the computer comes as rival Apple prepares to introduce a much-hyped tablet PC of its own later this month.

"We are talking about something as portable as a phone and as powerful as Windows 7," Ballmer said to an audience of more than 3,500 at the Las Vegas Hilton Center. "And they are perfect for reading, for surfing the Web and for taking entertainment on the go."


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Saturday, 12 Dec 2009

Computer that understands your Hand Gestures : MIT

Remember the scene in ‘Minority Report,’ the Steven Spielberg-directed science fiction thriller, when Tom Cruise uses his hands and fingers to search for date on a huge virtual screen?Even though the movie came out in 2002, and is set in 2054, it seems as though the present is catching up to the future. MIT research now comes up almost close to the the futuristic screen of the movie. Means you can also be a Tom Cruise  Before going into the details, a brief info about the present situation of touch screen computers..


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Friday, 20 Nov 2009

Google Chromium OS Open Sourced

For microsoft, Apple  and others OS may stand for "Operating System" but google makes it's OS - read as "Open Source".  So going by the online buzz last week, Google finally releases the Chromium OS, not complete OS but as expected it outsourced it's code for online developers - Read the Google Blog Post here .


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Friday, 26 Jun 2009

10 reasons why PCs crash U must Know

 Mr. Sujay Pawar lists out 10 most regular reasons for a PC crash!!!


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Friday, 6 Feb 2009

Web Designing Section Updated!!!
Our Web Designing Section has been updated with articles about free domain names, paid domain names etc. More additions in queue.
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Munnar - kolukkumalai Tea estate and Eravikulam National Park
Munnar Stay: Mount Club Resort , Chinnakanal - Review
My munnar Visit in Brief - Travel, Stay, Eat , Seen!!!

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