Sunday, 22 Mar 2020

Conquered Facebook but succumbed to Whatsapp

My experience of How I deleted my Facebook account two years ago (almost) but how that time is now replaced by Whatsapp.


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Sunday, 30 Jun 2019

Munnar - kolukkumalai Tea estate and Eravikulam National Park

In our three night stay in munnar - the main places we have seen are kolukkumalai and Eravikulam National Park. Brief of munnar visit is here. We stayed for two nights at Mount Club resort in Chinnakanal. When we have asked the reception desk of the resort where to go , they have suggested to go to kolukkumalai - mainly because it is near to chinnakanal i.e 16kms compared to 32 kms from Munnar. But the main point is, to enjoy kolukkumalai, we have to be there before the sun arrives i.e before sunrise around 05:50 Am.


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Sunday, 23 Jun 2019

My munnar Visit in Brief - Travel, Stay, Eat , Seen!!!

Married in June ,2010 – we are all set to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. As my daughter has gone to my parents house, we are left as a couple. So we decided to go for a quick honeymoon. So, first question is – Where to go? My wife suggested Boat house ride in Kerala Backwaters. Exciting option!!! I spent searching various options – and finally settled with Munnar. I always opine – Hill stations with bounty of Natural beauty and chill weather are the places to savor the beauty of your better half. And moreover Munnar was always on our Must visit list.

So here , I am giving in brief – how our trip went on . More details in respective links –


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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

My Cute Daughter's Dance as Lord Krishna - Jai Krishna Mukunda Murari!!!

It's a matter of Great Joy for parents to dress their kids as adorable Lord  Little Krishna. Not only parents - kids do enjoy it- first they have a Lovely Peacock Feather and a flute unlike other fancy dresses where they have to wear many other things. On the eve of Krishna astami - my wife has dressed my Cute daughter as Little Krishna. ..


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Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

Cute Kids Cute Dance - Boogie Woogie

Watch how cute kids dance for a cute song -- cuteness unbond.. 


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Simple Alum - Great solution for the Armpit Odour

How an humble Alum is great solution for the annoying Arm pit odour...


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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Layman’s Deduction: Finding the Creator – The God?

I a layman believe in existence of a Creator – The God. Since the existence and evaluation of human intelligence (or absence of it) the basic fundamental question was always asked – Is there God? Many say God exists, believes in him, and prays him in various forms and ways. But some say (strongly) there is no God, the universe is not created by someone but came into existence somehow and is bound by fundamental laws of nature. Whenever this question came to my mind, I used to silent it and used to feel guilty of getting doubt about existence of God. Books, Scriptures, religious debates and discourses profound the existence of an almighty and give various information about God, his teachings and his leelas etc. Then sitting today on Sunday before my computer I want to discover who is god and where he exists. Whatever I am going to write is out of my thinking with the little understanding I have of the sciences, the religious books and my minimum rather low levels of enlightment. So this will definitely sound absurd to the people of high thinking and better understanding and so I request them to forgive before I start.


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Conquered Facebook but succumbed to Whatsapp
Munnar - kolukkumalai Tea estate and Eravikulam National Park
Munnar Stay: Mount Club Resort , Chinnakanal - Review

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