Sunday, 27 Jan 2019

Cute Kids Cute Dance - Boogie Woogie

Watch how cute kids dance for a cute song -- cuteness unbond.. 


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Simple Alum - Great solution for the Armpit Odour

How an humble Alum is great solution for the annoying Arm pit odour...


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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Layman’s Deduction: Finding the Creator – The God?

I a layman believe in existence of a Creator – The God. Since the existence and evaluation of human intelligence (or absence of it) the basic fundamental question was always asked – Is there God? Many say God exists, believes in him, and prays him in various forms and ways. But some say (strongly) there is no God, the universe is not created by someone but came into existence somehow and is bound by fundamental laws of nature. Whenever this question came to my mind, I used to silent it and used to feel guilty of getting doubt about existence of God. Books, Scriptures, religious debates and discourses profound the existence of an almighty and give various information about God, his teachings and his leelas etc. Then sitting today on Sunday before my computer I want to discover who is god and where he exists. Whatever I am going to write is out of my thinking with the little understanding I have of the sciences, the religious books and my minimum rather low levels of enlightment. So this will definitely sound absurd to the people of high thinking and better understanding and so I request them to forgive before I start.


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Tuesday, 14 Apr 2015

A Healing Discovery on Youtube: Medicine Buddha Mantra

 When one had a bike accident resulting in a fractured knee, Youtube videos on Android Phone are soothing for spending long hours lying on the bed. I had one such accident, which resulted in Avulsion Fraction of Tibia where PCL joins (I will further elaborate it on another post). Doctors advised for complete bed rest for three weeks. So during this unexpected time break, I started searching Youtube for videos on Aliens, UFOs, Inspirational videos and Mantras/Magical Words on listening to which healing may improve (Some songs and movies in between as fillers). Ofcourse it is just my belief and I have no idea whether some Mantras do help in healing? However they do calm the mind and help generate the peaceful environment which can further help in healing.

Some of the Mantras which I came across on youtube and found Venerating –
·         Maha Mritinjaya Mantra
·         Medicine Buddha Mantra
·         Green Tara and White Tara Mantras..


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Wednesday, 7 Nov 2012

Dance- the Soul Liberator

What will you do if you are happy? – You may smile, laugh and even cry. What if you are very, very happy? You may sing. What if you are very, very, very … happy? You must be dancing. I feel dance is the ultimate expression of joy, a joy which is beyond all calculations. Dance may also be the expression of other emotions but the joyful dance  is more predominant and versatile. Its a state of eternal bliss where you get lost and rediscover yourself. Animals may not smile or laugh, but they also dance to communicate and express their joy. It is the animal instinct surviving predominantly in man however civilized he may become. It preceded all civilized inventions like language, culture, art and civilization. There are various forms of dances all over the world and some new forms may be getting added. Dance is always accompanied by music. Dance and music must have evolved together entangling each other and might have got separated with evolution. Music can exist without dance but dance can't exist in separation. Dance played a major role in all most all civilizations


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Monday, 22 Oct 2012 reached one lakh thirty thousand in last one year

 It has been more than seven months that I am scribbling something on this website. Life has become busy with some bits and curves. So when I got some time and while wandering in my random thought sphere - I just checked the Google Analytics of this website. The figure even though low, made me a bit happy -

In the last one year has reached One Lakh thirty thousand (unique) visitors across the globe - not a boast worthy feat (facebook may be doing it in milli or micro seconds :D) , but a bit happy to know that this layman's musings have been heard by so many ...

Interested in launching new website - on environment, energy and society related issues and broaden the existing one. Will be glad if any one is interested and (serious!) to join ... 


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Saturday, 24 Apr 2010

Video: A Group dance by me and my friends

Dear readers,

I am very glad that My website is being visited by good number of people and  am very happy to get inspiring feedbacks. I am striving to make in better with more useful and at the same time fun filled info . Mean while apart from the good and rated stuff, I just want to share a group dance performed by me and my friends in a local competition. It was on a popular telugu song "my Love is Gone" ....


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Cute Kids Cute Dance - Boogie Woogie
Simple Alum - Great solution for the Armpit Odour
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