Thursday, 1 Oct 2009

Tiny Audio Players - Try out!!!

Are you bored using all the available audio players - Real, winamp, windows, quicktime, VLC.. then try these tiny audio players..


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Sunday, 26 Jul 2009

The Bond Of Media(Video/Audio) Players - VLC arrives!!!

So The James Bond Of Media Players is Released -- It's VLC Media Player's new Relase The Golden Eye Version 1.0. There are many media players which people have to run after for playing different versions - Windows Media Player for MPG , Real Player for Real Media , Quick Time for MP4 .. The list goes on. Many times you must have been frustrated to play a media file type of unheard of. Then one has to search for the required codecs...  :sad: And if you don't have net connectivity or if the connection is slow...


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Sunday, 29 Mar 2009

Nexus Radio-- Free Radio

Nexus Radio-- The free internet Radio Provides 15 Million Songs


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Friday, 13 Mar 2009

Adobe flash player -- A must !!!
Adobe flash player, the must for browsing internet.


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Sunday, 8 Mar 2009

Download Youtube Videos!!!

There are two ways I know to download. Here we present the two softwares...


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Sunday, 8 Feb 2009

Media Players-Few best of the Long List!!!
Real One Player - M player -- VLC player.. click on the reight below link to know more...


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Sunday, 4 Jan 2009

Audio Editing Tools
Either you are making a sound track for your home made video, photo album or if you are making a sound track for your stage performance. You require a cool audio editing tool. For audio editing we suggest you audacity.For more about audacity and download link.. Click on the Read more link


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