Kari Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Chennai - God Who opens his eyes
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 Kari Varadaraja Perumal Near Koyembedu Chennai

 Kari Varadaraja Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi

Because of Lack of time , I was not able to upload articles offlate on my website. And it was almost an year - on the First Sunday of the New Year , I am able to restart with details about the wonderful darshan of Lord Perumal at Kari Varadaraja Temple near Koyambedu Metro of Chennai. Here in brief about the Temple and My experience.

 In temples particularly in old temples, the perumal idols will be seen with closed eyes- may be signifying dhyanam. I used to think , it would be great if the idol opens the eyes and talks to us. But in my various temple visits didin't experienced that. However Goddess idols are generally with open eyes. So yesteday night when I was thinking of visiting any old temple, I came across a web article on Aalayam Kanden website, about Kari Varadaraja Temple. Impressed with the information, today I went to the temple. 

Significance and Uniqueness

Before going into other details, first I would like to share the uniqueness of this temple. In this temple the Presiding diety is Lord Perumal flanked by Sri Devi and Bhoodevi. During pooja, while giving Harathi (Lamp offering to God) the pandit closes the screen of Sanctum Sanctorium (Garbha Gudi) and switches off the Light. When pandit takes the Lamp near the God, oylaaa... Gods eyes look wide open. When the pandit moves the lamp to and fro, the eye balls looks as though following the lamp. When I read about this , I was little skeptical. But on observing in person, it really looked beautiful. 

Ofcourse one can say , it is something with due with florescence and related phenomenon, but one should appreciate the workmanship of the people who has made the moorthy (if it is man made). The features of the idols of perumal, sridevi and bhoo devi  look real and devotees who believe in Lord Perumal (Vishnu) can really have divine experience. The whole experience looks as if the God is all eyes and ears to speak to the devotee. Another thing to note is as the temple is less known , there will be not much crowd and you can enjoy the presence of the Lord in his sannidhi.

Here is a Youtube video showing the eyes opening effect of the main diety. The video is in Telugu and the video may not be so real as if you would physically have. Howeve for those who may not be having chance to see in reality , can have a look here (youtube video)- 

The Lord Kari Varadaraja Perumal, is the Lord of 27 stars. He is also the Adhibadhi of the Number 9. So for every wish or prayer that a devotee makes they offer a contribution of Rs.9 to the Lord which is then placed at his feet. The devotees come back (most often within nine days) to offer thanks for the wish having been granted. He also said that if a devotee came for 27 months on his birth star without a break he could definitely achieve whatever he wished.

When I was in the temple for a brief period, few devotees are discussing with the pandit about the Janma Nakshatras and paihaaarraas. 

Brief History

As per the pandit , the temple is 1100 years old. As I don't know Tamil, it is generally difficult for me to get more details.

The legend here is related to the Gajendra moksham episode of Vishnupuranam where Gajendra’s foot is caught by a gandharva in crocodile form and the merciful Lord gives moksha to both at this place. The word Kari - relates to Elephant (the Gajendra Moksham Episode). The Mantrams which Pandit recite during the pooja/archana also talk of Gajendra Moksham.

About the Temple

It is not clear whether the idols are Swayambu or have been installed. But on seeing the idols, they looked quiet Ancient. Now, only the main garbha gudi (sanctum sanctorim) is surviving which seems old structure. It is now surrounded by Tatched roof and a Shed. Separate sannidhis have been constructed for Anjaneya Swamy, Ramanujar Alwar, Thayyar. When I was there, a family is getting pooja done at Thayyar sannidhi. I think doing pooja here has significance as I could make out from the discussion.

Earlier the Temple used only to have tatched roof. With donations of devotees some construction has been carried out. The temple is small and there are no signs of pushkarini - the same might have been occupied. May be earlier there would have been big temple, but no traces as such.   But the smiling lord seems to be telling some story for the devotees who have the patience and belief to listen. 

Temple Location

The Temple is around 12 Kms from Chennai Central and around 2 Kms from Koyambedu Bus Stop. You can search on Google Maps for Kari Vardaraja Perumal temple. Below is the route from Chennai Central to the Temple. The Temple is just a KM off the main Chennai- Vellore Poonamalle High Road.

Temple Timings:

Mornings: 8.30 am to 12.30 pm Evenings: 5.30 pm to 8. 30 pm

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