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15 Mar 2009, Comments: | Views: 1919 | | Category: Design Softwares

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Undoubtedly the best available web designing editor is the Macromedia(Adobe) Dreamweaver. There were some earlier ediotrs like Frontage, Coffee cup HTML editor, but they stand no where either in flexibility or the ease of Dreamweaver. If you want to design a website either big or small, Dreamweaver is the most required tool.

From version 7 Dreamweaver has revolutionized. With inbuilt FTP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP refernce it is all in one for a webdesigner. Version has added more flexibilty. Some of the Cool Features of Dreamweaver are listed here :

  • You can work on HTML files just like Word files. There is no need to know HTML(ofcourse a small idea will be very helpful)

  • One can toggle between design and code view. In code view it shows all tags like

    etc. like notepad . But theadvantage here is in Dreamweaver after typing

  • It supports javascript.

  • Its design view unlike other editors design view, shows the exact browser preview. It means if using an external stylesheet also it displays the view exactly how it looks in the final broswer. In other editors they don't match external style sheets.

  • It has complete HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript refernce. (by pressing Shift+F1, or going to Help>Refernce) So no need for running after Books or Ebooks.

  • Many are there .. Better download the software and experiment.


Here are the Download Links. We suggest to use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, as it has all the cool features and is also light in download. Where as the recent version CS4 is quiet bulky (may be 1 GB) and also this author has been using version 8 from quiet long time. And we request our visitors, had they used the Dreamweaver CS4 to drop their views.The Macromedia was acquired by Adobe in 2005.

Below are the download links- (they open in new windows, if blocked by your browser, select allow pop

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Dreamweaver - The webmaster's Dream smile

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