Google invests 280 million dollars to make solar energy affordable

14 Jun 2011, Comments: | Views: 3375 | | Category: Energy, Internet News

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 Google Investing in Futuristic Green Energy

To date,Google has invested over $680 million in innovative clean energy companies and projects through, Google Ventures and Google corporate investments. Google intends to supporte cleantech companies with scalable and potentially breakthrough technologies that could produce renewable energy cheaper than coal.  Some of the google's investments in clean energy - 

Today Google announced a $280 million investment to create a fund, in partnership with SolarCity, to help the company finance more solar installations across US.This is Google's first investment in "distributed" renewable energy (generated and used right at home). The investment is expected to be a  quadruple-win for Google, SolarCity, the environment, and new customers who get access to clean energy at a economic rates.

Providing $55 million to finance part of the Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC), a new wind installation being built in several phases to generate combined 1,550 MW -- enough to power 450,000 homes. It'll use some of the first transmission lines being developed specifically to transport renewable energy from remote areas to major population centers.

 A $5 million investment in a solar photovoltaic power plant near Berlin, Germany – Google's first investment in Europe. The 18.65MW facility will provide clean energy to more than 5,000 households. 

A $168 million investment in BrightSource Energy's Ivanpah solar power tower plant in the Mojave Desert in California, one of the world's largest solar energy projects. Ivanpah will deploy a compelling clean energy technology and produce 392MW of energy, enough to take 90,000 cars off the road during the lifetime of the plant.

An approximately $100 million investment in the Shepherds Flat Wind Farm, anticipated to be the largest in the world. When completed in 2012, Shepherds Flat will produce 845MW of energy – enough to power more than 235,000 homes.

An investment in the critical development stage of a project to build a transmission backbone off the mid-Atlantic coast to accelerate offshore wind development, with the potential to connect 6,000MW of wind, enough to serve 1.9 million households.

A $38.8 million investment in two North Dakota wind farms that generate 169.5 megawatts (MW), enough to power 55,000 homes. These wind farms uses some of the latest wind turbine technology and control systems to provide one of the lowest-cost sources of renewable energy to the local grid.

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 Google is always in front to catch the innovations ... keep going google 


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