Korea soaring with high temperatures due to Global Warming :sad:

8 May 2009, Comments: | Views: 2089 | | Category: Environment

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The Korean peninsula  is known for Rapid Industrilisation and is on a fast track on economic growth and  rapid urbanisation. As a result it is also on a fast track of Global Warming. Recent stuy says that in Korean Peninsula temperatures are rising at twice the rate of increase of Global average.

According to the research of the National Institute of Meteorological Research, the peninsula's annual average temperature climbed by 1.7 degrees Celsius between 1912 and 2008, twice the world average of 0.74 degrees Celsius recorded for the period from 1912 to 2005, local Korea Times reported. 

If the trend continues, the nation's coastal areas and Jeju Island, located south on the peninsula, may be without winter by 2100, the Korea Times said, quoting an official at the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).Rapid urbanization is blamed for the faster-than-average global warming on the peninsula, according to the weather agency. 

"The Korean peninsula is seeing a higher rise of temperature than other parts of the world because many parts of the country have already become urbanized and a huge population is gathered in small areas," said the official. 

The Korean Peninsula is likely to experience bad effects of climate change in the near future, including an entire change in the ecosystem and a spread of tropical diseases, the official warned.

The Concrete Jungles may Look Enchaning and Breathe Taking---- But they can also lead to taking Away the Breathe of Human Race


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Global Threats

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