"Wind Power Works .. Pass It On" Campaign !!!

16 Jul 2009, Comments: | Views: 2718 | | Category: Environment, Energy

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During some periods in 2008 the wind provided almost 40 per cent of Spain’s power. Parts of northern Germany generate more electricity from wind than they actually need. Northern Scotland could easily generate 10 or even 15 per cent of the UK’s needs for electricity at a cost that would comfortably match today’s fossil fuel prices. And when the environmentalists are disappointed with the progress in green house emission targets. The outcome of scheduled UN climate change conference at Copenhagen is still unclear as there is no coherence between developed and developing nations.. wind power is definetly delivering a positive note.  So wind power is not as erractic as the popular Myth in circulation tells.. Scroll below to know about the campaign!!!

Wind Power has lot of promises for the Energy Future

Pass It On Campaign

As an intiative to advertise the beifits of wind power , which is showing promising results in reducing the Carbon Foot Print - the manufacturers of Wind power of components, Few European countries, NGOs came up with an online campaign to tell the benifits of Wind Power to common public. Click Here to visit the Danish Wind Power Organisation site which shows the recent improvements in the technology of windpower and the present status of Wind Power on The World Map.

And here are five things why we should take action for Wind Power....

  • Wind power is clean, proven and available almost everywhere in the world
  •  Wind power is part of the energy mix in 70 countries
  • Wind power can be up and running on a large scale, in a matter of months  
  • Wind power will save 10 billion tons of CO2 by 2020
  • We need wind power technology to save us from climate change

And now here is a widget, by downloading this widget you can support the cause of Wind Power. How? The ‘Wind Power Works… Pass it on’ campaign involves downloading a virtual wind turbine onto users’ desktops to show their support for wind energy and deep emissions cuts. These turbines will demonstrate how many homes can be powered and how much CO2 can be saved through wind energy. The more wind turbines downloaded, the stronger the call to world leaders to agree the reductions necessary to avert climate change and to make wind energy part of the solution.This is a small widget - on downloading you can set up a small virtual wind turbine on your desktop .. and the more people download this -- the more it will force the world politicians who are about to meet on December UN Climate Change Conference. 

Click Here to go to the download page of the Widget. It will automatically install. For this widget Adobe AIR (a stand alone ) Flash application -- which the browser will automatically install on going to the above page... once installed you can set up a virtual turbine - it's just voicing out for the support of WIND POWER.

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