Wednesday, 22 Dec 2010

Nuclear Capable Prithvi II missiles tested successfully twice

Two nuclear-capable, surface-to-surface Prithvi-II missiles were successfully test-fired within a span of an hour by personnel of the Strategic Force Command from the Integrated Test Range, Chandipur today.


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Friday, 10 Dec 2010

Pakistani Lawyer Gets UNESCO/Bilbao Human Rights Award

Some countries don't nudge to the international pressure. Even though UN and it's associate international bodies may not  be able to alter the hostile situation of certain countries , they do keep recognizing people who stood against the oppressive(more appropriately strong government) regimes. For example-  The Nobel Peace Prize 2010 was awarded to Liu Xiaobo "for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China". And now a Pakistani Lawyer Gets Human Rights Award from UNESCO. May be it's a new way of expressing international opinion. 

UNESCO’s Director-General, Irina Bokova, has nominated Asma Jahangir from Pakistan as laureate of the 2010 UNESCO/Bilbao Prize for the Promotion of a Culture of Human Rights. Asma Jahangir was selected by the Prize's International Jury in recognition of her exceptional and courageous contribution to building a universal culture of human rights. The Director-General will award the Prize - the monetary award of US$25,000, the diploma and the bronze trophy by Toshimi Ishii, at the ceremony that will take place in the presence of the Mayor of Bilbao Iñaki Azkuna on Human Rights Day -today i.e on 10 December - in Bilbao, Spain... 


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Saturday, 4 Dec 2010

NASA : A New Form of Life - Bacterium Surviving on Arsenic Discovered

NASA announced the discovery of a bacterium that can grow on a diet of arsenic and thus doesn’t share the biological building blocks traditionally associated with all life forms. The discovery raises the possibility that organisms may exist in configurations that weren’t previously thought possible — either here on Earth or elsewhere.


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Wednesday, 1 Dec 2010

ISRO and EADS Astrium built HYLAS - broadband satellite succesfully placed in Geostationary Orbit

An advanced communication satellite HYLAS (Highly Adaptable Satellite) built by ISRO on a commercial basis in partnership with EADS-Astrium of Europe, was successfully launched on November 27, 2010 at 00.09 hours Indian Standard Time (IST) by the European Ariane-5 V198 launch vehicle. It has successfully reached the geostationary orbit... 


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Thursday, 18 Nov 2010

Rani Rudrama Devi - The Brave Queen Of Medieval Kaktiya Empire- Her Life and videos
 Rani Rudrama Devi

The perception of the history of the past has often been primarily from male point of view. That’s why it is called “His”tory rather than “her”story or “their”story. Isn’t it? Generally all the historical writings relegated women to background. The activities of men are mostly projected while that of women were  ignored and were almost neglected. The administrative abilities of women generally never surface in the history pages. So here I present the life of a Medieval Queen of Deccan - Rani Rudrama Devi... 


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Friday, 15 Oct 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 : Curtains drew as the games Close(videos) - India scored a century

Mr.Suresh Kalmadi while addressing the spectators at Closing Ceremony today exclaimed - "All this has made what has turned out to be the largest, the most-watched and the most enjoyable Games ever "  he could  have also added the games to get the most negative publicity(both from Indian and foreign media) . But all went on well - the athletes are happy, the crowd was happy , politicians are happy , people are happy ... But there may some doom-sayers who may not be so happy . Those glittering laser beams , dazzling crackers , high flowing biggest helium balloon , dancers, singers , music , martial arts --- all were excellent and mind blasting . But what is more scintillating is the sight of athletes and crowd enjoying together - dancing, freaking in joy. That is what sports can do . It brings all cultures and countries together. Really a great experience....


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Sunday, 10 Oct 2010

The Legend of Koh - I - Nur Diamond - about it's tale, myth and the curse

The Kōh-i Nūr  which means "Mountain of Light" in Persian, also spelled Kohinoor, Koh-e Noor or Koh-i-Nur, is a 105 carat (21.6 g) diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world. The Kōh-i Nūr originated at Hyderabad, Guntur district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It has belonged to various Hindu, Mughal, Persian, Afghan, Sikh and British rulers who fought bitterly over it at various points in history and seized it as a spoil of war time and time again. It was finally seized by the East India Company and became part of the British Crown Jewels when Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India in 1877. .... 


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