Government to set a committee to draft Lok Pal Bill - Anna Hazare calls off fast

9 Apr 2011, Comments: | Views: 2552 | | Category: India

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Anna Hazarae Has become the Voice of the diminishing tribe of honest Indians which is ready to explode

The Jantar Mantar in New Delhi is a hot favourite of the average tourist in the summer. But since 5 April 2011, the astronomical observation site has become a focus of an anti-corruption campaign that has never been seen before, thanks to Anna Hazare. After decades of utter frustration, this one man, a veteran Gandhian, has emerged as the champion for tackling the menace of corruption. His crusade is a measure of the pent-up anger, especially among the young, springing from the manner in which politicians of all hues are taking the country for a ride through misuse of office and naked corruption. With the gap between the haves and have-nots widening, there is a sense of frustration among the diminishing tribe of honest Indians which is ready to explode. And finally his battle has forced the government to come down and listen to him.

Gandhian Anna Hazare on Saturday called off his hunger strike bringing to an end his 98-hour protest after government issued a gazette notification constituting a 10-member Joint Committee of ministers and civil society activists, including him, to draft an effective Lok Pal Bill.

Curtains were drawn on the anti-corruption campaign that drew instant nationwide support with a little girl giving the 73-year-old activist a glass of water at 10.45 am at Jantar Mantar, the nerve-centre of the agitation for a strong legislation to combat political and administrative graft.

Earlier, Mr. Hazare offered water to some women, among the over 300 activists who had joined the fast.

The Government of India has issued a Notification constituting a Joint Drafting Committee to prepare a draft of the Lok Pal Bill.

The Joint Drafting Committee shall consist of Five nominee Ministers of the Government of India and Five nominees of Shri Anna Hazare (including himself).

The five nominee Ministers of the Government of India are as under:-

  1. Shri Pranab Mukherjee,Union Minister of Finance.
  2. Shri P. Chidambaram, Union Minister of Home Affairs.
  3. Dr Veerappa Moily, Union Minister of Law and Justice.
  4. Shri Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Human Resource and Development and Minister of Communication and Information Technology
  5. Shri Salman Khursheed,  Union Minister of Water Resources and Minister of Minority Affairs  

The five nominees of Shri Anna Hazare (including himself) are as under :-

  1.   Shri Anna Hazare
  2.   Shri Justice N. Santosh Hedge
  3.   Shri Shanti Bhushan, Senior Advocate
  4.   Shri Prashan Bhushan, Advocate
  5.   Shri Arvind Kejriwal.The Chairperson of the Joint Drafting Committee shall be Shri Pranab Mukherjee.   
  • The Co-Chairperson of the Joint Drafting Committee shall be Shri Shanti Bhushan.
  • The Convenor of the Join Drafting Committee shall be Dr M. Veerappa Moily.
  • The Joint Drafting Committee shall commence its work forthwith and evolve its own procedure to prepare the proposed legislation. The Joint Drafting Committee shall complete its work latest by 30th June, 2011. 


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