80 years of Indian Talkie Cinema - Google Joins celebration with Doodle for Alam-Ara
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A Still From The Movie Alam Ara

Indian Talkie Cinema has completed 80 momentous years...

Alam Ara (The Light of the World; 1931), directed by Ardeshir Irani, was the first Indian sound film. Irani recognized the importance that sound would have on the cinema, and raced to complete Alam Ara before several other contemporary sound films. Alam Ara debuted at the Majestic Cinema in Mumbai (then Bombay) on March 14, 1931. The first Indian talkie was so popular that "police aid had to be summoned to control the crowds."

Both the movie and its music were widely successful, including the hit song De de khuda ke naam per, which was also the first song of the Indian cinema, and was sung by actor Wazir Mohammed Khan who played a fakir in the film . As playback singing had yet to start in Indian cinema, it was recorded live with musical accompaniment of a harmonium and a tabla.

The film also marked the beginning of filmi music in the Cinema of India, as noted film director Shyam Benegal said, "It was not just a talkie. It was a talking and singing film with more singing and less talking. It had a number of songs and that actually set the template for the kind of films that were made later" . For more Info on Alam Ara -> Wikipedia Article  

One sad thing is, after the fire at National Film Archive of India, Pune, in 2003, which destroyed the last surviving prints of several classics such as Raja Harishchandra and Achhut Kanya, this film is no longer available in its original format.

So today March 14th happens to be the 80th anniversary of this legendary film. And do you know , who is the first one to celebrate this momentous occassion of Indian CInema. It is non other that GOOGLE. Google celebrates the occassion in it's trade mark way by Doodling..

Doodle For Alam Ara

Google Homepage with Doodle For Alam Ara

Doodles are known as the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists. Whether it is the beginning of Spring, Albert Einstein's birthday, Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday or the 50th anniversary of understanding DNA, the doodle team never fails to find artistic ways to celebrate these unique events. It also doodles locally for country specific like doodle Belize's Independence Day in Belize. 

  So today Google doodles for 80th anniverasary of India's First Talkie Movie "Alam-Ara" . The last Google was on 8th March For Women's Day. When doodles were first created, nobody had anticipated how popular and integral they would become to the Google search experience. Nowadays, many users excitedly anticipate the release of each new doodle and some even collect them!  

History Of Doodle

Over the years, doodles on the Google homepage have made searching on Google more fun and enjoyable for its users worldwide.  In 1999, the concept of the doodle was born when Google founders Larry and Sergey played with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. A stick figure drawing was placed behind the 2nd o in the word, Google and the revised logo was intended as a comical message to Google users that the founders were “out of office.” While the first doodle was relatively simple, the idea of decorating the company logo to celebrate notable events was well received by our users.

Over time, the demand for doodles quickly rose both in the U.S. and internationally. Creating doodles is now the responsibility of a team of talented designers. For them, creating doodles has become a team effort to enliven the Google homepage and bring smiles to a myriad of Google users worldwide.

So if you like this doodling and wish to some doodles -> Click Here . It is the place where Google keeps all it's doodles.

If you find the googles doodles interesting - then don't hesitate - you can mail your own doodle to google here -> proposals@google.com . Google assures that they go through all the proposal sent.  

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