Video: A Group dance by me and my friends

24 Apr 2010, Comments: | Views: 2034 | | Category: My Life

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Dear readers,

I am very glad that My website is being visited by good number of people and  am very happy to get inspiring feedbacks. I am striving to make in better with more useful and at the same time fun filled info . Mean while apart from the good and rated stuff, I just want to share a group dance performed by me and my friends in a local competition. It was on a popular telugu song "my Love is Gone" .

None of us except the guy in the center know how to dance. But some how we made it up and surprisingly the crowd enjoyed it. I request the readers to please have a look and add their comments. It is boring but I hope it will make you smile atleast. 

And one more thing in posting this video is " Winning and Loosing- good and bad are just consequences of participation , they are part of life - you will miss all the joy if you don't participate "   After seeing this video hope you will never hesitate to dance .....

 - Dilip Kumar , Webadmin


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Video: A Group dance by me and my friends
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