www.dilipkumar.in reached one lakh thirty thousand in last one year

22 Oct 2012, Comments: | Views: 2470 | | Category: My Life

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It has been more than seven months that I am scribbling something on this website. Life has become busy with some bits and curves. So when I got some time and while wandering in my random thought sphere - I just checked the Google Analytics of this website. The figure even though low, made me a bit happy -

In the last one year http://dilipkumar.in/ has reached One Lakh thirty thousand (unique) visitors across the globe - not a boast worthy feat (facebook may be doing it in milli or micro seconds :D) , but a bit happy to know that this layman's musings have been heard by so many ... In real life my sphere is limted to not more than 1000, it seems pleasing to know that I have breached the physical sphere   Will be putting in more time to reach more people and serve info with fun. Will be glad if some passerbys drop few comments ....


Interested in launching new website - on environment, energy and society related issues and broaden the existing one. Will be glad if any one is interested and (serious!) to join. Ofcourse it's just a hobby sort of thing  ... 

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www.dilipkumar.in reached one lakh thirty thousand in last one year
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