Layman’s Deduction: Finding the Creator – The God?

10 May 2015, Comments: | Views: 2650 | | Category: Pilgrim, My Life

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I a layman believe in existence of a Creator – The God. Since the existence and evaluation of human intelligence one of the basic fundamental questions that was always asked – Is there God? It has various answers and best answer for an individual is to find his own answer to pacify one's quest.

Many say God exists, believes in him, and prays him in various forms and ways. But some say (strongly) there is no God, the universe is not created by someone but came into existence somehow and is bound by fundamental laws of nature.

 Whenever this question came to my mind, I used to silent it and used to feel guilty of doubting the existence of God. Books, Scriptures, religious debates and discourses profound the existence of an almighty and give various information about God, his teachings and his leelas etc. Then sitting today on Sunday evening  before my computer I want to discover who is god and where he exists. Whatever I am going to write is out of my thinking with the little understanding I have of the sciences, the religious books and with my minimum rather lowest levels of enlightment. So this will definitely sound absurd to the people of high thinking and better understanding and so I request them to forgive before I start.

Any deduction should have some basic laws or axioms to start with. So here I am presuming some axioms –

  • God Exists
  • He is almighty and wishes always good for the creation
  • His decision is unique for a set of situation and forms part of basic laws of nature
  • He has continuous communication with the creation and monitors it
  • God has created the creation as free not bound by anything except fundamental  laws.

With these, my first question – Is there a single God or Many Gods?

Let us suppose there n Gods, n being a natural number and let us assume a universe of m individuals (parts/elements of creation).  Now God1 monitors the m individuals and takes various decisions at various times. Let us suppose that the outcome of God1 at a particular time ‘t’ is God1(t) and it should be generally related like this-

God1(t) = God1(m1,m2……mm, t) . Then out come of various gods at the particular time ‘t’ will be

Godz(t) = Godz(m1,m2……mm, t).So at the particular time the happening of the universe the group of m individuals is the function of all outcomes of the Gods. So happening function at a particular instance of universe is

 H(t) = H(God1(m,t),God2(m,t),God3(m,t)….Godn(m,t))

Being God, individual God cannot decide independent of other Gods outcomes. For two Gods Godx and Gody the functions will be bound like this. As the numbers increase there will be more complex network.


 So the ‘n’ individual Gods will be bound to each other.  So it is safe presume that outcome of all individual Gods will be same, that is to conclude that all individual Gods think alike and take same decisions so that there is no need for extra communication across Gods for decision making. And also from the concept of God, his decisions are unique guided by laws of nature for the good of creation. His outcome as a God should be same at an instant for the set of universe. So the outcomes of various Gods should be same.

God1(m1,m2……mm, t) = God2(m1,m2……mm, t) =God3(m1,m2……mm, t) =……..=Godn(m1,m2……mm, t)= G(m,t)

So the Happening at a particular instant t H(t) be a simple function of God functions, let us say addition or multiplication, implying

H(t) = G1(m,t)+G2(m,t)+………. Gn(m,t) = nG(m,t)

The Happening Function does nothing but transmits the God function output, so H(t)=G(m,t)

Implying G(m,t) = nG(m,t) and Thus n=1 .

Thus there is one God.

Then why there are so many religions and so many Gods? The answer should be more simple. With whatever little C++ I know, there are something called reference variables, as shown below.

Pass by Value

As the same the numerous Gods we have are the reference variables to the main God. As in programming references are created for carrying out certain work and afterwards the references are either flushed or exists like that. Similarly the incarnations of the God are created for a particular purpose and may annihilate after the purpose is solved.

Now coming to the question of where God exists?

If God is a physical entity and suppose he exists somewhere in the universe, then the known human communication network at the maximum speed of light will take millions of years to communicate one corner of the universe to the other (presuming it is finite). So he is not bound at a particular place and spread across the universe the creation. Then only he can monitor the whole universe. Some times reference variables to God the incarnations may be created to give a physical reference to the Creator.  

If God is like a point charge and if the universe is contained in its field, then all the creation will be under influence of this field and we the creation all will be bound. But we are all born free without any bound influence. There are some basic laws, according to which the universe runs. The planets round the stars, the stars round the galaxy. Ofcourse in the previous analysis we presumed that God takes decisions on the universe but these are in addition to what goes on its own according to laws. God corrects and alters the creation but not influences it. And as per quantum mechanics a bound particle do have the probability of coming out of the potential well. So if the universe is bound by the field of God, it may happen that there is probability of Universe getting out of God’s field. So setting aside the God field theory bounding the universe, we have to find where God is.  From above discussion we can deduce God is everywhere. So how is he everywhere?

Let us take Human Being, He is made up of some matter and he has sheet of intelligence. As some say that the human body is like clothes and untouched and eternal is the soul which changes the physical bodies like clothes.  The soul the Attman which is eternal, can’t it be treated as part and participle of God? So I feel it is logical to conclude that God is in every element of this universe the human, the air, the land etc. That’s why In Hindu philosophy, the sentence - Aham Brahmāsmi - means "I am Brahman" (Aham Brahman Asmi) or "I am the Infinite Reality". It is one of the four Mahavakyas used to explain the unity of macrocosm and microcosm. The below is an interesting extract from the Book

So God is no where but here in us. It is for us discover him ….

 I conclude saying  “The Creation is The Creator and The Creator  is the Creation” .

As I pre-warned it is just a Layman’s deduction to understand The Almighty- glad to listen people’s comments.

Thank You

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