Gold Plating Of Anand Nilayam, Tirupati!!!

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The historic dcision to gold plate the Ananda Nilayam, the sanctum santorum of the Tirumala templeis implemented on 16th February, 2009. The chief minister Dr.Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy will launch the first phase of Ananda Nilayam- Ananta Swarnamayam Pathakam estimated to cost Rs.100 crore . 

Historic Significane 

The exercise of gold plating the Srivari Temple began way back in 1267 when the then Pandyan king Sundara Pandyan got done the Kalasham of the temple . Later the Salva King Mungidevudu in 1359 and the Vijayanagara emperor Sri Krishna Devaraya provided gold for the entire gopuram of the sanctum of the Srivari temple. In 1958 the Temple authorities got the sanctum outerwall gold plated with 12 kgs of gold donated by the devotees.

The TTD chairman Sri. AdiKeshavulu Naidu says that the TTD board has taken up this unique program as per the suggestions of Agama Shastra pundits and the Peethadhipathis of the Vaikhanasa cult to enhance the divine energy around the Srivari Temple .

Unique Project

The entire project is expected to cost over Rs.100 crore and the TTD has kept its doors open for the donations for the gold plating program which has already attracted devotees from all ove rthe world with their offerings. 

"The devotees who offer one kg of gold or multiples will be honored in a unique manner by the temple authorities " he says . The donor scheme will provide them special benefits and othe concessions in darshan, accomodation, prasadam etc once a year .

With the gold plating of the Srivari Ananda Nilayam, the TTD will be one among the several Indian temples like Golden temple of Amristsar to achieve the feat . "We will be more unique as the TTD will spend over Rs.100 crore for the purpose " says the TTD chairman Sri.Adikeshavulu Naidu



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