Woes of a vegetarian traveller

8 Apr 2009, arvind Comments: | Views: 1974 | | Category: Travel

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Traveling is a thing that comes naturally to a railway man.

having been to more than 18 states, 4 countries and numerous cities (boast boast ! ! ! !) I find one common thing... vegetarians are always the sufferers.

Let me start with Gym. After sports, while the non-veggies enjoyed their eggs, we veggies had to swallow cheese pieces, which, being politically correct, were worse than the most awful medicines I have taken in my life. Even the person who was the most sought after vendor to the movies secy had less of vegetarian things to offer ;-)

Moving to probation, it is easiest to find eggs and chicken in almost any part of the country but if you are a pure veggie, god save you, especially in North-east and eastern India. i remember numerous days when I had to sleep with Kurkure and Pepsi while my non-veg counter parts had oodles of mutton and chicken.

In IIMB, things were Ok since south Indians have nice veg delicacies but in SE Asia, where I had a trip, its almost impossible to find vegetarian food. Even in good restaurants in Bangalore, you cannot have the "Pure veg" experience. While I got used to it, my parents would scoff at the sight of Chickens being served on a sword (yes, they serve chicken on sword at Samarkand restaurant in Bangalore ! !) while they are having their veg meal.

Finally, at Mumbai, vegetarian fare is good but as I see myself traveling in my career, i am sure there are hundreds of bottles of Pepsi (make that Diet Pepsi owing to my new fitness regime :-) ) and another hundreds of packets of Kurkure waiting to be devoured by a hungry vegetarian soul desperate for a healthy veg meal.

Till then, to all fellow veggies, may I suggest a "Vegetarian's Messiah Award" to Ms Indira Nooyee and the founder of Subway :-)

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