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Ayurveda video therapies and Panchakarma videos from Kerala , India., India. Ayurveda is an ancient medical system dating back to the Indus valley civilization. It became a full-fledged treatment form in India. The theory and practice of Ayurveda is different from other popular medical systems around the world. Herbs and other natural products are used for the preparation of medicine. Here you can also watch video clips of various Purva Karma and Paschat Karma therapies besides videos of selected Panchakarma therapy

About 'Ksheeradhara or Medicated milk bath in Ayurveda'

Dhara is one of the most prominent treatment methods in Ayurveda, a sacred medical system in India. In this treatment, medical decoctions or oils are poured on the patient’s body. Dhara alleviates fatigue, lack of vitality, improves memory and restores the equilibrium of doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

This treatment is also effective in insomnia, chronic headaches like migraine, ear and nose diseases, neuropathy, spondylitis, etc. The nature of dhara varies according to the nature of the substance used. If milk is used, it is known as Ksheeradhara (pouring of milk). Milk of both cow and buffalo are used in the treatment and the milk will be mixed with herbal decoctions. At least two attendants are needed to carry out the treatment. This is done in seven standard positions.

About 'Lepana in Ayurveda'

Lepana is the external application of medicated paste on any part of the body where pain associated with inflammatory condition persists. The ingredients of the paste vary according to the nature of the ailment. It is a treatment method in traditional Ayurveda, a system of medicine in India

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Ayurvedic therapy is very effective and it is known to cure and control diseases that even modern medications cannot. Plus they are free from side-effects.

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Ayurveda is a great Indian therapy. It is good for our life and health. It is a Sanskrit word. These are some benefits of Ayurveda.
# has no side effects
# makes you Tension Free
# good for immunity system
# gives happy, healthy disease free long life
# provides knowledge about life

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