The First War of Independence!!!

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The First War of Independence!!!

Postby dilip » Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:14 am

Already 150 years over since the 1857 first war of Independece. Still debates continue wheter it should be called a nationalist movement or a merely a Mutiny. Frankly there was never such a mass movement against a foreign rule in India before that or even after that till may be the Quit India movement.
Many say that the kings who lost their kingdoms have revolted against the british. It is definetly not so, not only Kings, the soliders, some zamindars, farmers , people from all sects, religions, castes have partcipated in this mass revolt.

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But the most important thing is the suppression of the revolt. The revolt was so brutually suppressed that there was nothing like a mass revolt there after. The soldiers were mass murdered by Cannons. The brutuality of suppression is still lingering in the books and articles.

My intention in digging here it is to know the views of visitors about the revolt and the suppression there after.

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Re: The First War of Independence!!!

Postby Seeli » Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:08 pm

When i am going through some of the articles.. i come across one king named "Pazhassi Raja".
Some believe that he is the first one to revolt against the British.
More over there seems to be a movie "Pazhassi Raja" coming up in Malayalam regarding this king.

you check for more details regarding the king in the following wiki link

As the revolt seems to be small, it didn't get that much publicity. This type of small small revolts used to happen. So, you may not have come across it in your history text books :-)

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