Twitter comes up with its own tweet button and bookmarklet

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Twitter comes up with its own tweet button and bookmarklet

Postby dilip » Thu Aug 26, 2010 6:56 pm

Twitter Tweet Button - Better Late Than Never

The tweet button for website
Everyone knows twitter and everyone from Paris Hilton to School Going kid everyone tweets now a days . Countless tweets keep on pouring every minute (second :D ). In fact, close to a quarter of all Tweets include a link in them. Despite the high volume of sharing, there is plenty of room to make it easier. Copying and pasting, link shortening, and bouncing between browser tabs just to share a link in a Tweet is too much work.

For this Facebook has already Fshare button . Twitter was frankly very late to release such button. But recently twitter launched the Tweet Button to make sharing simple. It lets you share links directly from the page you’re on. When you click on the Tweet Button, a Tweet box will appear -- pre-populated with a shortened link that points to the item that you’re sharing.After you post to Twitter, you may see suggestions for accounts to follow. These accounts are suggested by the web site you visited and may include, for example, the news outlet and reporter of the article you shared.

The Tweet Button is not only simple for users, but for publishers of all sizes, too.( Even our website is using one- you can check my homepage - Recreational bloggers to large media companies can quickly and easily add the Tweet Button to their sites. It only takes a few lines of code( click here for the code on twitter ). The Tweet Button will help publishers grow traffic and increase their Twitter following.

You may have seen similar buttons on blogs, news sites and other places that let you share content on Twitter. These have been created by third parties. Most notably, a company called TweetMeme created a popular “retweet button” for publishers. They’ve already made it easier to share links on Twitter and have helped a tremendous number of publishers get their content into Twitter.Now twitter is working closely with TweetMeme and, from here on out, they will be pointing to the Twitter Tweet Button.

You can Get the Tweet Button for your website today and let the sharing begin.

Twitter Tweet Bookmarklet - Share links from any page

Few days after releasing an easy-to-install and lightweight Tweet Button that allows publishers to make it easy for users to share a link to their content on Twitter. Thousands of sites have implemented the Tweet Button already.

But what if you go to a site that doesn’t have a Tweet Button? Have no fear.Twitter made available a Tweet Button Bookmarkletthat allows you to tweet a link with your own commentary from anywhere on the web. You just need to drag and drop the Bookmarklet into your browser’s bookmark bar.

Like the Tweet Button, it shortens links automatically. If there’s a Twitter account listed on the site, it also may suggest users to follow. To install the Bookmarklet, visit this page and drag the “Share on Twitter” link to your bookmark bar on any browser.

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