Videos-Documentry On Mahatma Gandhi-Road To Freedom

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Videos-Documentry On Mahatma Gandhi-Road To Freedom

Postby dilip » Mon Feb 22, 2010 3:29 pm

Mahatma Gandhi - the Legend who not only preached non-violence and Ahimsa, but also shown the world that they really work. He is the man who has influenced many greats and often called the Apostle of Peace. He is the one who cheers on every rupee of Indian Currency. To know more and brief biography on Mahatma Gandhi -> Please Click Here

Below are the Six parts of the video of a BBC Documentry "Mahatma - Road To Freedom". All videos are Minimized - Click on "Expand Video" - The Video will Slide out.. To Minimize a video, Click on "Minimize Video Part #" or " Toggle Video Part #" . Please drop some feedback... thank u :D

In this final episode, Mishal Husain (Pakistani origin) explores the dramatic last years of Gandhi's life, which culminated in his death by an assassin's bullet. She gets to the bottom of an enduring mystery - why is Gandhi revered as Father of the Nation, when India turned its back on Gandhi's blueprint for the country? In the final episode, Mishal retraces Gandhi's visit to England in 1931 and uncovers evidence that Gandhi may have unwittingly contributed to the eventual partition of India. Newsreel footage from the time captures Gandhi meeting the people of Lancashire and London's East End, and Tony Benn recalls meeting him as a six-year-old boy. Sixteen years later India is free, but by then Gandhi is a broken man: sidelined from the centre of power and devastated by partition and the horrific violence that independence brings. But it is Gandhi's darkest hour that finally brings his greatest triumph. This documentary is telecasted in BBC around Gandhi Jayanthi year 2009. It's one of the best and reasonable effort to find imperfection in Gandhi.

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