Women in 20s

In our daily life, many things touch our heart and atleast we cheer or consol us saying "It is India Dude!!!" Please share such experiences... Here
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Women in 20s

Postby Lakshmi » Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:26 pm

Women in 20s - India's new business tycoons

New Delhi: The fresh entrants in the Indian business environment, are a young bunch of confident women in the clutch of twenty something. Its no more the days when the sons of the business tycoons were the default trademark to make it big in the business world. From Roshni Nadar, offspring of Indian tech billionaire Shiv Nadar, to Lakshmi Venu, the 26-year-old daughter of TVS supremo Venu Srinivasan, these fresh entrants in India are here for the long run, reports Economic Times.

"It was only in 2006 that I decided to join the group full time, at which time I went back to school to professionally train myself and get further educated in order to take on greater responsibilities within the group. As a group, we aspire to be a $10 billion group in the future and I would like to play my part in making that happen by creating value in the areas of business that I'm focusing on - Innovative Technologies and Finance," said Divya Modi, who holds a 24 percent stake in her father B K Modi's Spice Group. The skills acquired, through their management degrees, come handy for the young girls to be their father's right hand in business. An MBA from Kellogg School Of Business, Roshni is currently supervising the education initiatives of the philanthropic arm of her family business

Being from a business family, their hand on the varied matters of the industry at large keeps them well-grounded to excel in the arena. 28-year-old Devita Saraf, Director at Zenith and CEO of Vu Technologies describes herself as a young, curious and naughty girl. She started training at Zenith at the age of 16. As a young person, especially as a woman, everyone is willing to give you free advice. You have to listen, learn and appreciate peoples roles in your business.

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