10 Videos : Best Classic TNA Wrestling matches

Watch some classic wrestling matches ... Kicks, blows... slam downs...
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10 Videos : Best Classic TNA Wrestling matches

Postby dilip » Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:32 pm

I still recall those old days when there used to be Wrestling mathces on ESPN and Star Sports. We used to discuss in school on all the weekend matches . And even used to fight wrestling matches .... To just recall all those stunning kicks and slam downs - here are 10 classic videos. All videos are minimized - to see a particular video - click on the Title or Show Video....
" Wrestling is a mildly violent sport and can be disturbing - Viewer's Discretion is Highly requested "
Classic matches from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's past monthly Pay-Per-View spectaculars! These 10 videos feature some of the best Pay-Per-View matches of 2009, as voted by THE FANS on TNA's website! It's TNAwrestling.com's own countdown to the huge New Years Eve special!

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