Full Length Telugu Movie : Kalisundam Raa - Family Drama

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Full Length Telugu Movie : Kalisundam Raa - Family Drama

Postby dilip » Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:43 am

Watch Full Length 2000 Telugu Movie Kalisundam Raa starring Venkatesh & Simran. Kalisundam Raa is the story of two feuding families and their ego's. Raghu - Venketesh, the grandson of Raghavaiah - Vishwanath, takes upon himself the responsibility of uniting the two families. How he does it is what the film is all about. Raghavaiah (Vishwanath) and his brother-in-law Ram Mohan - Rama Mohan, lead a happy and satisfied life in a village. Trouble between Ragavaiah and Ram Mohan starts when Ragavaiah's son marries a girl from Bombay against his parent's wishes.

The girl who was actually to marry Ragavaiah's son kills herself, and this divides the two families. Raghavaiah (Vishwanath) invites all his relatives for his Shastiapdapurthi (60th birthday) ceremony.On ceaseless request of his wife, Raghavaiah permits to invite his daughter-in-law and grandchildren for the first time. Raghu (Venkatesh) the elegant grandson of Raghavaiah comes to the village from Bombay for the function, there he meets Manga - Simran, who is beautiful and childish. Raghu and Manga fall in love. Raghu comes to know the flashback of his father (Ragavaiah's son).

Raghu comes forward to set right the disturbed conditions of the two houses but in this bargain his desire to marry Manga runs into trouble. Watch to find how Raghu unites Raghaviah and Ram Mohan's families and accomplishes his dream of marrying Manga.

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