Classic Comedy Movie -Rajendra Prasad's- Appula Appa Rao

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Classic Comedy Movie -Rajendra Prasad's- Appula Appa Rao

Postby dilip » Sat Aug 13, 2011 6:14 pm

Appula Appa Rao - Full Length Telugu Movie.
Synopsis : 'Appula Appa Rao' is a rib-ticking comedy film directed by Satyanarayana E.V.V. The story begins with an innocent Apparao (Rajendra Prasad) whose life is burdened by the huge amount of loans he had taken. Apparao falls in love with a cute lady constable named Subba Laxmi (Shobhana). The plot comes to a hilarious point, when Apparao consults an astrologer named Sastri (Brahmanandam), who has an ill-fated brother handicapped with an iron-leg. Will Apparao get to marry the girl of his dreams?.

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