Full Movie:Hindi Amitabh's Classic Khuda Gawah

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Full Movie:Hindi Amitabh's Classic Khuda Gawah

Postby dilip » Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:43 am

Khuda Gawah tells the story of Badshah Khan and Benazir. The movie starts with Khan, a Patthani warrior competing with a rival warrior for a carcus. After 12 minutes of chase and bad editing, the rival warrior's mask falls off, and guess what, she's a very young babe. Badhshah lustfully stares at this hot chick (who is young enough to be his daughter, oh, but who cares?) and allows her to win the carcus. This sequence is followed by a terrible song where Badhshah expresses his lust to Benazir (which is the name of the warrior princess) and challenges her. After the song the warrior princess challenges him back and states hat if Badhshah manages to bring back the decapitated head of her father's enemy, then she will be his. Badhshah happily accepts the challenge (while maintaining his lustful grin).

While Badhshah is away on his 'pilgrimage'. Benazir decides to shed her warrior princess image and become a traditional Patthani woman. Anyway, Badshah meets a bunch uninteresting people in India (except for the only interesting one being Anjana Mumtaz's character) and finds the murderer, decapitates him and brings the head back to Benazir. The former warrior princess is thrilled (and her eyes hint sadistic pleasure) and they immediately get married. But Badhshah has to return because he promised a Rajput copper that he'd surrender for having committed a crime. Benazir is disgusted but she eventually allows him to keep his promise. Badhshah is also being hunted down by the brother of the murderer of Benazir's father...confused, well watch 'Khuda Gawah' to clear that up.

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