For all those who are worried about SCRA cut out

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For all those who are worried about SCRA cut out

Postby dilip » Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:25 pm

Hi Dear SCRA Aspirants,

SCRA is a sort of exam - where you have to give the exam and forget about it. This exam is written by more than one lakh and only hardly 15 to 20 are selected. So luck has a lot to play . The idea of cut out doesn't arise in SCRA. if there are 15 seats some 70 people will be selected from the one lakh who have given the exam. SCRA is a complimentary sort of exam- where your preparation for IIT and AIEEE will help. So don't worry - just give the exam - forget about it and proceed with your regular life. If you get it's ok , if you don't get also double ok :D

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