Videos: 10 Mask Cartoons-its smoking

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Videos: 10 Mask Cartoons-its smoking

Postby k2y » Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:19 am

The Mask
The Mask is a Dark Horse comic book series created by writer John Arcudi and artist Doug Mahnke, and based on a concept by publisher Mike Richardson. The series follows a magical mask which imbues the wearer with reality-bending power and physical imperviousness, as well as bypassing the wearer's psychological inhibitions. It was adapted into the 1994 film The Mask, starring Jim Carrey, which was followed by an animated television series, and a 2005 sequel, Son of the Mask.
Below are ten cartoons of The Popular Mask Series, all videos are minimized - to see a particular video just click Show Video or Toggle Video

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