Michael Jacksons Unseen 'One More Chance' Video Hits the Web

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Michael Jacksons Unseen 'One More Chance' Video Hits the Web

Postby dilip » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:46 pm

Michael Jackson - One More Chance (Official Music Video)
MICHAEL JACKSON is still creating ripples in the world of music. It's a fantastic day for music fans on Monday. On the same day his new single, "Hold My Hand," was released, a previously-unreleased video for his 2003 song "One More Chance" leaked online. In the clip, MJ is seeing performing in a ballroom-type setting while a crowd of people watch him from a stage. According to TMZ.com, which posted the video on its website, Michael had to cut short his work on the video in 2003 because his Neverland Ranch was raided by authorities in connection with child molestation allegations.

MJ's people had been working to put the finishing touches on the video ... and now that it's complete, they plan to include it with a Michael Jackson box set called "Vision" that will be released later this month.

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