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Forests - the treasure trove of medicines - dilipkumar.in

Forests - the treasure trove of medicines

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Forests - the treasure trove of medicines

Postby geoffrey » Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:34 pm

The tropical forests are a huge reserve of bio- and chemical diversity. The number of tropical plant and animal species tat are yet to be discovered is higher than the ones already discovered. Saving the forest reserves and the fast diminishing rainforests have become the priority because of such cruel practices like deforestation, mining, quarrying which have disturbed the ecological balance of the environment.

The therapeutic value of the raw materials derived from the nature is still under constant research and experiments. Medical practice is a science and art of ancient times and the ethnobotanists are under constant vigil to find the the fast extincting group of healers who belong to the most primitive tribes on earth. These ethnic groups and tribes possess the knowledge of the invaluable and uncomparitive secrets of nature. Ayurveda is the medical system which is being greatly benefitted with the unveiling of many secret medicines and ancient treatment methods bringing in a dramatic change in the health scenario .

But the controversies and debates on this kind of research is also to be placed under speculation. The humanitarian and environmentalistic thought of saving the biosphere from gradual destruction is also tainted with the profit making and patent earning mind-set of the conversationists and ethnobotanists. The healers from the primitive tribes who entrust their valuable knowledge of ayurveda medicine to the researchers are not acknowledged as the true inventors. They are deprive d of their rights. This has lead to discontent and protest among the advotates of the ancient secret remedies.

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