Videos: The Story of The Greatest Conquerer Genghis Khan

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Videos: The Story of The Greatest Conquerer Genghis Khan

Postby dilip » Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:18 pm

Today, after decades of Soviet control, the country of Mongolia is recreating its identity as an independent nation. It has seized upon Genghis Khan as a great national hero who is publicly venerated and whose achievements are recounted with pride. At a crucial juncture in the history of Mongolia, Genghis Khan has once again appeared as an iconic figure for the Mongol people, mobilising memories of a great past in the forging of national identity that can carry the nation into the future.

Here included are five parts of a BBC documentary on Genghis Khan. All are minimized for easy viewing. To watch a particular video - click on "Expand Video Part #" ...

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