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Bhakra Nangal Dams



Brahmaputra River

Bhakra Dam

Bhakra Dam


Total cost of the Project Rs. 245.28 crore
Type of Dam Concrete straight gravity
Height above the deepest foundation 225.55 metres (740 feet)
Height above river bed 167.64 metres (550 feet)
Length at top 518.16 metres (1700 feet)
Width at top 9.14 metres (30 feet)
Length at bottom 99 metres (325 feet)
Width at base 190.5 metres (625 feet)
Elevation at top of dam above mean sea level 518.16 metres (1700 feet)
Steel used 101600 tonnes (100000 tons)



Bhakra Dam

Bhakra Dam is a majestic monument across river Sutlej. Its construction was taken up first after independence, for the uplift and welfare of the people of Northern Region. The construction of this project was started in the year 1948 and was completed in bhakra dam1963 . It is 740 ft. high above the deepest foundation as straight concrete dam being more than three times the height of Qutab Minar. Bhakra Dam is the highest Concrete Gravity dam in Asia and Second Highest in the world. The water stored at Bhakra has a tremendous potential of generating hydroelectric power. There are two power houses namely Left Bank Power Plant and Right Bank Power Plant. The power houses are connected on either side by underground cable galleries with the switch yard from where transmission lined take off. The Salient features of Bhakra Dam and Power houses are as adjacent

Nangal Dam

Nangal Dam situated about 13 Kms. Downstream of Bhakra Dam, is 29m (95 ft.) high & comprises 26 bays of 9.14m (30 ft.) each. It is designed to pass a flood 9910 cumecs (350000 cusecs) water. Dam diverts the water of river Sutlej into nangal damNangal Hydel Channel & Anandpur Sahib Hydel Channel for power generation and irrigation purpose. Nangal Pond acts as a balancing reservoir to smoothen out the diurnal variation in releases from the Bhakra Power Plants. Nangal Hydel Channel is a lined channel taking off from the left bank of river Sutlej just above the Nangal Dam. The natural fall available along the channel is utilised at Ganguwal and Kotla for generating power. Anandpur Saheb Hydel Channel takes off from nangal Barrage and along the left bank of river Sutlej almost parallel to and on the left side of the Nangal Hydel Channel. It is 33 Kms. Long with a discharging capacity of 10150 Cs. It has two power houses at Ganguwal and at Kotla.

Few Interesting Facts..


About 14 million cubic meters of concrete and other building materials have been used for completion of this project. This material is twice the material used to build the Great Pyramids of Egypt.


The number of tiles used in the main Bhakra Canal is so large that if they are arranged in a straight line, the length of the line so formed will be seven times the equator..

Bhakra Dam Reservoir


Catchment area 56980 Sq. kilometres.
Normal reservoir level EL. 512.06 meters (EL.1680 feet)
Dead storage level EL.445.62 meters.
New area irrigated 60 lakh acres.
Area of reservoir. 162.48 sq. kilometres (62.78 sq.miles)
Length of reservoir. 96.56 kilometres.
Live storage capacity at EL.1680 ft. 6911 million cum (5.60 MAF)
Gross storage capacity at EL.1680 ft. 9340 million cum (7.57 MAF)
Dead storage capacity 2430 million cum (1.97 MAF)


Bhakra Power Plant


Number of power houses 2
Installed capacity of left bank power plant 450 MW - 5 units of 90 MW each
Increased capacity of left bank power plant by uprating the machines. 540 MW - 5 units of 108 MW each
Installed capacity of right bank power plant. 600 MW - 5 units of 120 MW each
Increased capacity of right bank power plant Uprated to 660 MW - 5 units of 132 MW each
Present capacity by further uprating the machines. 735 MW - 3 units of 157 MW each & 2 units of 132 MW each
Planned uprated capacity. 785 MW - 5 units of 157 MW.


Nangal Dam Salient Features


Height 29 meters (95 ft.)
Length 304.8 meters (1000 ft.)
Length of Nangal Hydel Channel 64.5 kilometers (40 miles)
Discharge 354 cumecs (12500 cusecs)
Number of power houses 2
Total installed capacity of each power house. 77 MW (2units of 24 MW each & one unit of 29 MW)
Head of water 28.35 meters (93 ft.)
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Bhakra Dam is marvelous Engg. in the world. The DAM is pride of this country and highlights Dedication. Devotion and discipline of the Engineers and all the other respected persons involved in the construction of this Giant Dam.
Whenever I visit this temple of Engg. I feel very much proud of my country.
Wishing all the best for all involved and their families in the construction of this DAM.
Thanking to all present and past.