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krishna River



Ganga River Basin

The Godavari River Basin Of India - The thick line is the Water Divide

In brief about krishna river

                   The Krishna is the second largest east flowing river of the Peninsula. It rises in the Western Ghats just to the north of Mahabaleshwar , about 64 km from the Arabian Sea and flows for a distance of 1,400 km to the Bay Of Bengal  easterly direction .

The Koyna , the Ghatapraba , the Malpraba , the Bhima , the Tungabhadra , the Musi and the Muneru are its important tributaries .


The Koyna is a small tributary but is very famous for Koyna Dam. This dam was perhaps the main cause of the devastating earthquake in 1967. .



The Bhima originates from the Matheron Hills and joins the Krishna 26 km from Raichur after flowing in the south – easterly directions for a distance of 861 km . Mula , Mutha , ghod and nora are its sub – tributaries . The Tungabhadra is formed by the unification of the Tunga and the Bhadra originates from Gangamula in the central Sahyadri . Its total length is 531 km . At Wazirabad , it receives its last important tributary , the Musi , on whose banks is the famous city of Hyderabad is located . The Krishna delta appears to merge with that formed by the Godavari and extends about 35 km into the Sea.

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