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Narmada and Tapi

The River Basins Of India

 Please click on the coloured portions on above map to know about various river basins. Your comments and emperiences are most welcome.

"Rivers are Like mother for the country and mountains like the father. This father is a magnanimous thoughtful resolute archic man and rivers are conscious liberators, swift and source of knowledge, when clouds which roam free in the open sky spend themselves at the bedsheat of the horizon after creating a commotion, then mother Earth conceives that life giving man with the halo through its rivers in arteries. These water-filled streams fill the earth with the power of procreation and energy. it is these streams flowing on the landmass which act as the blood pumping srteries in the Body"

- Kalidasa in Raghuvansham


As Kalidasa said rivers are like mother of a country, the importance of rivers in Indian economic, social , cultural life is beyond words. They were the seats of ancient civilizations, bustling sities, kingdoms. They were the mute spectators of many great historic events. They are the ones who are feeding the thirsty fields , the thirsty people, the thirsty animals. But recently the pollution of river waters is posing into a mamooth threat.


In brief about Indian River Basins

Indian drainage system(River Basins)may be divided on various bases. On the basis of discharge of water (orientations to the sea), it may be grouped into: (i) the Arabian Sea drainage; and (ii) the Bay of Bengal drainage. They are separated from each other through the Delhi ridge, the Aravalis and the Sahyadris . Nearly 77 per cent of the drainage area consisting of the Ganga, the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi, the Krishna, etc. is oriented towards the Bay of Bengal while 23 per cent comprising the Indus, the Narmada, the Tapi, the Mahi and the Periyar systems discharge their waters in the Arabian Sea.many rivers have their sources in the Himalayas and discharge their waters either in the Bay of Bengal or in the Arabian Sea. Identify these rivers of North India. Large rivers flowing on the Peninsular plateau have their origin in the Western Ghats and discharge their waters in the Bay of Bengal.The Narmada and Tapi are two large rivers which are exceptions. They along with many small rivers discharge their waters in the Arabian Sea. The Himalayan drainage system has evolved through a long geological history. It mainly includes the Ganga, the Indus and the Brahmaputra river basins. Since these are fed both by melting of snow and precipitation, rivers of this system are perennial.The Peninsular drainage system is older than the Himalayan one. This is evident from the broad, largely-graded shallow valleys, and the maturity of the rivers. The Western Ghats running close to the western coast act as the water divide between the major Peninsular rivers, discharging their water in the Bay of Bengal and as small rivulets joining the Arabian Sea. Most of the major Peninsular rivers except Narmada and Tapi flow from west to east.

The Village communities are little republics having nearly everything they can want within themselves and almost indepenent of any foreign relations.They seem to last when nothing else losts.Dynasty after dynasty remains the same;Revolution suceeds to revolution;Hindu,Pathan,Moghul,English,Sikh are all masters in turn;but the Village communiy remains the same-Lord Metcalf
Ganga River Basin Indus River Basin Godavari River Basin Narmada and Tapi
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02 Sep 2016, 12:52
Your details about Indian rivers are very useful to prepare a note to nationalize all rivers and subsequently linkup from ganga to Thampiravaruni. I am repeatedly insisting the Central Govt. to nationalize all rivers and divert the surplus water to scarcity area. If you are kind enough help me in this matter to collect particulars.
Thanking you,
23 May 2014, 19:45
The work done by you is excellent and a morale booster for younger gen.
It will be good enough to provide FONT increasing facility in web site,so that every person can use/read without eye strain while using different gadgets.