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Scripting - Client Side & Server Side


The next leve of web designing is scripting. With HTML and CSS one can design static web pages. Means it just display pages. There will be no interaction with the client)the visitor and the site. Static pages may be good to provide some data and some information. Website is just not a printed page. It is the dynamism, where the visitor/the reader can interact with the content that differentiates the web world. The interaction can be of many types like the visitor may add comments on your article, he may give rating to your article, he may download some file, he may query some data, he may write some article on your website... all requires coding/scripting.

There are two types of coding in web world.

  •   Client Side Scripting :

    In this, the program executes on the client's( the visitor's computer) and is the first level of interaction. The visitor can see the program code in His Browser. It may be used for some calculations like to calculate Body Mass Index when the user inputs the data, or to validate the data entered by visitor in a form which may later be submitted to the server. There are many uses of client side scripting. But the major draw back is all visitor's browser may not support the execution of the code, some might turned it off for security purposes. And the search engine bots don't understant client side script. The most popular and widely used Client side Scripting is The Javascript.It has no relation with JAVA. It is very simple language and have many cool features. We will try to provide some cool infor about Javascript.
  •   Server Side Scripting :

    Next level comes the server side scripting. The popular languages are ASP(Active Server Pages), PHP (Hyper Text Pre Processor) ,Java Servelets , PERL , CGI... The most popular are PHP and ASP. PHP is open source and comes with GPL (General Public License) and is platform independent but generally used for Linux Servers where as ASP is for windows servers and language used is VBscript. All emails, forms, online shoppings, Money transfer, Internet Banking, Railway Reservation.. they all are done with server side scripting.. it is secure and the visitor cannot have the access to the coding language. Couple with databases like MY SQL the serve side pages can handle huge amount of data and queries.... Click Here to Know More..

<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
<title>This is the title of Your Page </title>

write any thing here ..blah .. blah... it will be displayed in your webpage