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The Fundamentals Of Web-Designing


With the advent of internet, our lifes have changed alot. It now reached a stage where we can't imagine life without internet. Perhaps the biggest library, the biggest info bank on the globe may be the World Wide Web. The email revolution which started in 1990s turned everyone with personal email-ids @ some famous domains like yahoo, mail, gmail.

Now with the internet protruding more into our lives personal blogs, portals, websites are quiet common. In this section I wish to share some info on web designing. First of all I am no expert and web designing is JUst My Hobby.This information is basic in nature and can be useful for beginners and a little advanced users. We request you to please partcipate in our forums discuss at various levels on webdesigning

Webdesigning is very easy, taking into consideration the fact that many ready-made templates, scripts, programs are available on net. With out any basic idea a website can be floated. Blogs can be cited as an example where, on any blog site we can just strating posting and run our personal blog. But it is always better to have a basic knowledge of web designing before hosting a site.

In this section we provide you various E-Books on programming languages and some concepts are explained.

The First Step

The first step for web designing is one should have a test editor, the simple editor is the notepad. One can design web site just using a notepad. But its very simple and can be only used if one get enough hold on coding. The best editor for web designing is Dreamweaver(Initially it was Macromedia Dreamweaver, Now it is Adobe Dreamweaver). The recent version CS4 is quiet bulky and I suggest Dreamweaver 8 version, which is light in size and less demanding on computer memory and speed. Click Here to go to the download page(opens in new window).With dreamweaver the necessity to learn HTML and CSS is half Done. You can design your pages just like word files. It is a WYSIWYG editor means What You See Is What You Get editor. There are many other editors like coffee cup HTML editor but none stands before Dreamweaver. Once You get the Dreamweaver you can jump on to web designing.In our HTML & CSS section we try to show how to make webpages easily.


Baisc Design- HTML&CSS

Indian Legends Hyper Text Mark up Language(HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) are the basic building blocks of web diesigning.
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Explore Scripting both client side and server side is the next step in web designing

Cool Scripts

Legengs Many Cool Scripts are waiting for you which makes your website more dynamic like forum scripts(PHPBB) etc..

Web Hosting - Info

Indian Legends For floating a website. First you require a domain/ sub domain name or a webaddress and space to store your pages on web. For this you require webhost and domain names. Click here to have a look the related info, please go through and drop your comments/suggestions.
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Web Designing Softwares

Indian Legends There are numerous softwares for web designing. In this section we try to present some coolest and the most required softwares for designing websites. These softwares make the life of webmaster very easy with lot of cool stuff... We present the most tried and tested ones here.
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