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Trek-wreck ….the H.M.I. sojourn

- Travelogue by Mr.Ranvijai Pratap


The HMI Trekking Group
The Trekking Group
The examination fever was rapidly metamorphosing into mountaineering fervor as soon as we were half way down the High Hurdles’ relay at BIT Mesra (i.e. our end of semester examinations!!). The intoxication was so strong that the papers like SOM and RAC for 5th sem and EM for firstees were already being treated like punic crevasses which lay between SCAs and summit! No wonder the rooms of budding mountaineers like Geep, Swams and Lucy from 2K5 and Pessi and Glutty from 2K7 were resembling the base camps in which strategies were often made by thinktanks like Bucks, Devil and Uzzneedless to say all was done under the constant guidance of veterans like VKS, Champarts and of course the indispensable Baba. This strategy making drill soon presented a perfect camp like milieu with AKS and Gaddy often providing musical interludes. The fate of these meetings was often a seemingly unending saga of rambunctiousness , only to be brought to an end by Hurrrs‘thain-thain’ !

All of us were riding on 7th heaven since we had heard of the HMI Special Adventure Course that had been planned by Director Sir for us and especially the immaculate timing (just after the slogging of end sem. exams) made it all the more cravenous. E3 was the theme (Ebullience, Exuberance and Exhilaration). The Toy Train came chugging at the NJP Station. After the usual rituals of taking snaps alongside platform board, locomotive etc. we boarded the petite beauty of a train. Some intelligentsia had ages ago pronounced “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Had he been with us, I am sure his joy would have been unfathomable as all the SCAs were pushing the gizmos like Sony Camcorder courtesy Phags, Sony Erricson W910i courtesy Glutty, Uzz’s Canon IXUS, Pompy’s N72 and Devil’s Nokia 5310 to their focusing and clicking limits. Pathos was on its zenith as ones like Baba were also attempting the feat with Nokia 1600!! The mood of SCAs was so upbeat that even two successive derailments could not spoil the party. In fact the more devout ones treated it as a good omen that they were on board the very train which gifted them with their debut derailment experience{ budding IRSME talents indeed!}. As the second derailment put us far behind schedule so we took to the good old roadway and reached the HMI by the dusk. The HMI is located amidst the most picturesque surroundings and the zoo at its doorsteps is the perfect icing on the cake. The SCAs didn’t have any time to appreciate the surroundings as the moment we entered the portals of HMI, we were handed over our time-table for the next 15 days and Boy, what a table of time it was!!

The Toy TrainFrom 11/12/08 onwards, our day kick started with the wake up bell at 0500 hrs with the P.T. kicking off at 0600 hrs. Now here was the real bouncer as initially we thought that what a few kilometers of running followed by exercise session would matter to the SCAs?? Especially after the Firstee Training at JMP . We  started with full gusto and traversed the downhill path through the zoo and were in no time at the road that connected HMI with the Chowrasta, but soon we were fizzing out as now the road was sharply steep and it was an uphill terrain. While gasping for breath, many enthusiasts like Phags and Chassy were spotted forcing their nasal and oral vents to attain newer unattainable dimensions! All were not shades of grey as the blacks and whites made their presence felt in the form of Krishh and Hurr steadily strutting ahead with Uzz , Sud, Devil, Swams and Champarts being devout followers. Some agnostic ones like 3kas, Lucy and Pompy kept shifting their stance but consistency personified were Aks and Baba {the sheath anchors of the squad} who contently were first from rear! Though in this act too Baba stole all the glamour with coming up with some brilliantly acted out excuse on the first P.T. day!! Though he was seen in full pathos on the subsequent days’ P.T. as the Chowrasta {our halt for exercises} was always brimming with the young and health conscious fairer sex!!! No wonder then, that as we neared the coveted avenue there was a sudden splurge of energy from all the Gymmies who not missed any opportunity to display their athletic prowess….. {Including the erstwhile   innocuous ones like Geep, Swams and Pessi}.