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Adventure Tourism

Fear is for Everyone.. But ahead of fear is the Win ( The Caption of Mountain Dew)... Ya scooba diving, Mountaineering , trekking, bungie jumping, ... adventure tourism is something different and it boils the blood. Many may not do all that , but everyone likes it. Adventure tourism is for those gritty brave ones. Yaa, but not all .. some are for everyone too. Here is this section we try to present travelogues of some adventure freaks......

Trek-wreck ….the H.M.I. sojourn

As a part of this section. Here firstly we present the experiences of one of our Web Team members Mr. Ranvijai. He tries to present the memories of his batch (SCRA, Jamalpur) when they have gone for a Mountaineering course at HMI , in his own style. So tighten your belts for a quick tour through the Himalayan Mountains ..

Click Here to Read the Complete article By Mr.Ranvijai Pratap...

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