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Eco Tourism - Mind Refreshing Heart Fetching....


The Himalayas

Mighty Huge Immense Uncoquarable Tallest on the Globe... Yes its Himalayas... These young fold mountains attract visitors from right round the globe. The tallest The Smartest The Strongest structures on earth have so much to explore in them that people dream going there. From adventour tourism to honey moons himalayas have everything to offer..... There are many tourist spots which are quiet popular due to easy access by motorable road like Shimla, Darjeeling etc.. And there are many off beat places , unexplored beauties hidden in this bounty of greenery and snow. From Kashmir to the Tips of North-East India this long chain of mountains are the inspiration of many literary works and travelogues.

Sitting on a windy breezy floor staring at the immense ocean and letting the thoughts flow the waves - it is definetly a different world. Sandy beaches are always a hotspot for tourists either Hawaii beach or a Goan beach the music of waves are one and same. We try to take you round some of the cool beaches of India and accross the world.