The Spiritual Aura..

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In India we find the oldest continually operating pilgrimage tradition in the entire world. The practice of pilgrimage in India is so deeply embedded in the cultural psyche and the number of pilgrimage sites is so large that the entire subcontinent may actually be regarded as one grand and continuous sacred space. Our earliest sources of information on the matter of sacred space come from the Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda. While the act of pilgrimage is not specifically discussed in these texts, mountain valleys and the confluences of rivers are spoken of with reverence, and the merits of travel to such places are mentioned. Following the Vedic period the practice of pilgrimage seems to have become quite common, as is evident from sections of the great epic, the Mahabharata (350 BC), which mentions more than 300 sacred sites spanning the sub-continent. It is probable that most of these sites had long been considered sacred by the aboriginal inhabitants of the region and only later came to be listed in the Mahabharata as different regions came under the influence of Hinduism. By the time of the writing of the Puranas (sacred texts of the 2nd to 15th centuries AD), the number of sacred sites listed had grown considerably, reflecting both the ongoing assimilation of aboriginal sacred places and the increased importance of pilgrimage as a customary religious practice.

Enroute Kedar
The Palaces Of The Almighty
Either you are a thiest or athiest, spirtual places have everything to provide the peace of mind.The spiritual aura that surrounds the temples, mosques, churches... can induce a new sense of feeling, a relief from the chaotic life.Many of the ancient Indian temples are situated in nature rich locations like Kedarnath,Badrinath... Where not only spiritual aura but also the cozy breeze, the deep valleys, the rythm of water falls , the lush green covers.... carries the pilgrims to another world. The pilgrims inspite of adorous treks,travels reach the almighty with only a single help the belief in the almighty. Man has evolved, discovered, unzipped many secrets of nature, but he is still a miniscule ingredient of the all big universe. Many ancient Indian texts stress the significance of the ancient temples. The sculptures which took years to crave out stand as mute symbols of the Indian Glory. The architectural skills, the engineering marvels of these ancient temples are still unmatched. The Chanting mantras, The Tasty Prasadams , The Ringing bells... all set a tone of the all superior. Every stone, every tree has a story to tell.Standing there from thousands of years protecting the mankind, these spiritual centres have many in their bounty to give away. Many of them stand on the river banks,which flourished as the cradles of civilizations. These ancient towns and cities with an unique amalgam of ancient medival modern traditions thrills the foreign and domestic tourists alike.

The Jyotirlingas,The Char Dhams, Sakthi Peets.. have numerous stories attached to them. The visitors can feel the vibrating spiritual conscience. Not only for the aged people, the young and the Yo type the generation Z can all feel those rocking things.But many of these temples are ill-managed,the recent stampedes are really avoidable and should'nt have happened.

But still the belief is all there. Waiting in long queues just for a Glimpse of the Almighty... pilgirms are traversing across the country to find the inner solace and peaceana ....

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Explore Please vist Jyotirlingas shrines to know the mythology attached,their significance.. how to reach and tips..
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Explore Please vist Kedarnath Shrine and find out the thrills of the journey,know about Panch Kedars...


Legengs Its said that neither in the world nor in the universer there is nothing as beautifual and powerful as Badrinath Shrine.


E-books Please visit Char-Dhams in the four direction of India.. Badrinath,Puri Rameshwaram,Dwaraka..


Fitness Please visit Tirumala Tirupati, The Almighty for whose glimpse pilgrims wait for hours and days in the Queues..

Temples of Andhra Pradesh

Tirupati Balaji Andhra Pradesh is dotted by many famous temples
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Only the below mentioned seva’s are aabilavle online at Tirumala Tirupati website when this article was written.Vasanthotsavam seva on 20-February-2012 09 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 21-February-2012 25 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 22-February-2012 28 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 23-February-2012 29 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 24-February-2012 18 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 25-February-2012 04 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 26-February-2012 05 tickets aabilavleVasanthotsavam seva on 27-February-2012 40 tickets aabilavleTTD Seva Information last checked on 29th November 2011 at 08.52 AM IST +4Was this answer helpful?