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The 12 Jyotirlingas

The Jyotir lingas are self born (svayambhu) and are regarded as most sacred.Click on the location on the map to visit the shrine. There are twelve in the whole country. The Map below show the location of the 12 Jyotirlingas. To know about the details, how to reach, legend of a Jyotirlinga click on the loaction of Jyotirlinga on the Map or use the Menu on the Right. There are certain confusions in locations of certain Jyotirlingas but what shown here are the most accepted locations.

Recent Update : We have added videos of Few Jyotirlingas- we will be updating the videos - Click Here to view the videos of Jyotirlingas .

The following shlokas sum up these:

Grishneswar Bhimashankar Tryambakeshwar Rameshwaram Srisailam Somnath,Gujarat Nageshwar,Gujarat Omkareshwar Mahakaleshwar,Ujjain Vaidyanath Kashi Visweswara Kedarnath
Click on the Jyotirlinga location on map to visit
Suarashtre tu Somanatham, Shri shaile Mallikarjunam||
Ujjayinyaam Mahakaalam Omkaare Mamaleshwaram||


Himalaye tu Kedaaram,Dakinyaam Bhima Shankaram||
Vaaranasyam tu Vishvesham Tryambakam Gautamitate||


Paralyam Vaidhyanatham Nagesham cha Daruka vane||
Setubandhe tu Ramesham Ghrishnesham cha shivalaye||


Aetani Jyotirlingani Sayam Prataha Pathennaraha ||
Sapta Janma Kritam Papam Smaranen Vinashyati ||

Two on the sea shore, three on river banks, four in the heights of the mountains and three in villages located in meadows; the twelve Jyotirlingas are spread out like this. Every place has been described in glorious words by many detailing the surroundings etc.

Significance of Jyotirlingas

Those who chant the Dwadasa JyotirLinga Stotram or prayer will attain salvation and enlightenment and be released from this cycle of human existence with all its travails. By worshipping the Lingas, people of all castes, creeds and colour would be freed from all difficulties. By eating the holy offering made to these Lingas (Naivedyam) one would be rid of all the sins instantly.

As a matter of fact, we do the Darshan of the JyoritLingas as a part of our daily life. Sun, Fire and Light etc., are indeed a part of that great Light. “Om tatsavituvarenye” these magical words of the Gayatri mantra or chant invoke this Supreme light only. By chanting this powerful Mantra, humans can obtain divine power to their life-light or Atmajyothi.

The aura of the Sun rays and the various benefits that can be derived there from is indeed a difficult task to describe. This gorgeous life-light is the only thing that is responsible for the activity in the universe. We salute this life force.

“Agni” or fire is a great light. For all the activities on the earth, “Fire” is the pivot.Deepajyoti or light and its greatness, is known to all of us, and we offer our prayers. Let us celebrate the glory of light. Light is offered a place of pride at welcome celebrations and on all auspicious occasions.

Shubham karoti kalyanam Arogyam Dhanasampada
Shatru buddhi vinashaya Deepa Jyoti namostute

This light removes the darkness from the lives of one and all. Darkness means ignorance and it is destroyed by this light. The natured light of God makes all our wishes come true, when we take a Darshan of it.

Thus, by taking a Darshan of these twelve JyotirLingas, the auspicious air surrounding them and the holy pilgrimage, will bring happiness, peace and satisfaction to all.

Below is a Google Map - where I have pointed the 12 Jyotirlinga Temples.

View Jyotirlingas in a larger map
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