Global Warming -News/Updates

MIT Research: Global Warming Killed 90% of the Earth beings 252 Million Years Ago Posted in Environment,
Oxford Research: Pocket Fuel Cells to replace batteries Posted in Energy,
Google invests 280 million dollars to make solar energy affordable Posted in Energy,
MIT report : Natural Gas can be short term solution for green house gas reduction Posted in Energy
April 22nd is Earth Day : Have We Changed the Mother Earth for ever? Posted in Environment
MIT helps Brazilian waste pickers to fuel their trucks with left over cooking oil Posted in Environment, Energy
A powerful earthquake measuring 7.2 shakes various parts of Pakistan - tremors felt in India Posted in Environment, ,
Missiles, Bombs , WMDs , Terrorists , Wars - Peace where are you ? Posted in Environment,
Tirumala temple going greener way - uses solar and wind power Posted in Tirupati, Energy
Google from web surfing to wind surfing-invests in new technology wind mills Posted in Energy,
Trees still falling, deforestation continues at alarming rates Posted in Environment
Artifical Sun Soon To Rise : Significant Progress in Harnessing Fusion Power Posted in Energy,
How To Feed The Future? - A Promising Research on Rice Posted in Environment,
Nepal Government holds Cabinet Meeting on Mt. Everest Posted in Environment,
ISRO study says a fourth of India is turning into desert Posted in Environment, India
MIT - making big liquid batteries for Electric grids? Posted in Energy
MIT tries to solve history’s ‘largest mass poisoning’ Posted in Environment, Water
A Dark Planet of 1.5 Billion People Posted in Environment
World Summit on Food Security Starts Posted in Environment
Who are Best/Worst in Fight against Poverty ? Posted in Environment
Video : Danish Family Makes Wind Turbine - Nat Geo Posted in Energy
UN urges countries to be prepared for more Swine Flu cases Posted in Environment
Severe Shortage of Water in Northern Iraq Posted in Environment
Zidane Invites People to Take Action Against Poverty Posted in Environment
A Hungry Planet Of Billion People Posted in Environment
India Under Severe Water Stress - NASA!!! Posted in Water, India
The Promising Sun!!! Posted in Environment, Energy
PM launches Ground Breaking Solar Drive !!! Posted in Environment, India
"Wind Power Works .. Pass It On" Campaign !!! Posted in Environment, Energy
The 10 Popular Energy Myths !!! Posted in Environment
What Are Fuel Cells?? Are they really the Saviours of Earth? Posted in Energy
Korea soaring with high temperatures due to Global Warming :sad: Posted in Environment
New way of CUltivating Rice with Less water and seeds smile Posted in Water, India
International Conference on Megha-Tropiques Posted in Environment, India Space