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17 Aug 2017, 01:58
jLTVTq <a href="">fzojlqnsnrvr</a>, [url=]dkrrsujzorye[/url], [link=]txdfohjdvgkn[/link],
Carlos Barrera
20 Jul 2016, 04:00
Technology Submission - State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured Project Development; |/ ·1; Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech / - GEARTURBINE PROJECT Have the similar basic system of the Aeolipilie Heron Steam Turbine device from Alexandria 10-70 AD * With Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Way Power Type - Non Waste Looses *8X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE Way Steps. 4 Turbos, Higher efficient percent. No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature Pat:197187IMPI MX Dic1991 Atypical Motor Engine Type. |/·2; Imploturbocompressor; One Moving Part System Excellence Design - The InFlow Interaction comes from Macro-Flow and goes to Micro-Flow by Implossion - Only One Compression Step; Inflow, Compression and outflow at one simple circular dynamic motion / New Concept. To see a Imploturbocompressor animation, is possible on a simple way, just to check an Hurricane Satellite view, and is the same implo inflow way nature. 946L 144W
Carlos Barrera
29 Jun 2014, 03:22
Technology Submission - Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Featured Development

Atypical InFlow Thermodynamic
Technology Proposal Submission
Novel Fueled Motor Engine Type

*State of the art Innovative concept Top system Higher efficient percent.
Have similar system of the Aeolipile Heron Steam device from Alexandria 10-70 AD. -New Form-Function Motor-Engine Device. Next Step, Epic Design Change, Broken-Seal Revelation. -Desirable Power-Plant Innovation.

YouTube; * Atypical New • GEARTURBINE / Retrodynamic = DextroRPM VS LevoInFlow + Ying Yang Thrust Way Type - Non Waste Looses

-This innovative concept consists of hull and core where are held all 8 bteps of the work-flow which make the concept functional. The core has several gears and turbines which are responsible for these 8 steps (5 of them are dedicated to the turbo stages). The first step is fuel compression, followed by 2 cold turbo levels. The fourth step is where the fuel starts burning – combustion stage, which creates thrust for the next, 5th step – thrust step, which provides power to the planetary gears and turbines and moves the system. This step is followed by two hot turbo steps and the circle is enclosed by the final 8th step – bigger turbine. All this motion in a retrodynamic circumstance effect, wich is plus higher RPM speed by self motion. The Reaction at front of the action.
*8-X/Y Thermodynamic CYCLE - Way Steps:

1)1-Compression / bigger
2)2-Turbo 1 cold
3)2-Turbo 2 cold
4)2-Combustion - circular motion flames / opposites
5)2-Thrust - single turbo & planetary gears / ying yang
6)2-Turbo 2 hot
7)2-Turbo 1 hot
8)1-Turbine / bigger

-With Retrodynamic Dextrogiro vs Levogiro Phenomenon Effect. / Rotor-RPM VS InFlow / front to front; "Collision-Interaction Type" - inflow vs blades-gear-move. Technical unique dynamic innovative motion mode. [Retrodynamic Reaction = When the inflow have more velocity the rotor have more RPM Acceleration, with high (XY Position) Momentum] Which the internal flow (and rotor) duplicate its speed, when activated being in a rotor (and inflow) with [inverse] opposite Turns. A very strong Novel torque power concept.

-Non waste parasitic looses for; friction, cooling, lubrication & combustion. -Shape-Mass + Rotary-Motion = Inertia-Dynamic / Form-Function Wide [Flat] Cylindrical shape + positive dynamic rotary mass = continue Inertia kinetic positive tendency motion. Like a Flywheel.

-Combustion 2Two continue circular [Rockets] flames. [ying yang] opposite to the other. – With 2TWO very long distance INFLOW [inside propulsion] CONDUITS. -4 TURBOS Rotary Total Thrust-Power Regeneration Power System. -Mechanical direct 2two [Small] Planetary Gears at polar position. -Like the Ying Yang Symbol/Concept. -Wide out the Rotor circumference were have much more lever [HIGH Torque] POWER THRUST. -No blade erosion by sand & very low heat target signature profile. -3 points of power thrust; 1-flow way, 2-gear, 3-turbine. *Patent; Dic. 1991 IMPI Mexico #197187 All Rights Reserved. Carlos Barrera.
Ghulam Dastagir
12 Nov 2013, 18:07
Tagore had said : "I am a pauper – I cannot offer you anything (gift). I can only give you my tears and my love" ! So…. when I beg for strangers, I don’t feel ashamed or small. In fact I grow humble and taller ! I am a small man… but the issue I talk about is great.. so, some of that greatness falls upon me.. and enlarges my shadow ! I want you to do something for a very deserving Artiste.

I am a student of Hindustani Classical Music. Just a 'Rasika'.. but can recognise pure Sur.. During holidays 2 weeks back, i heard a rare singer on Youtube by name : Mohd. Aman, I knew in one instant.. that Ustad Karim Khan Sb. is back amongst us. I started crying.. when I heard his Kedar.. tears flowed from my eyes.. continuously. I didnt eat/sleep well for days on end. I heard around 12 ragas.. and the redention of each one of them was flawless. He sang a Kesarbai Kerkar Bandish : "Nevar Baajey.. Baajey Rey". Let alone trying., any one dare not even think of attempting Kesarbai ! When I heard him singing Kesarbai's Bandish.. I knew.. The New Icon of Hindustani Classical Music – has arrived ! He sang a Inayat Khan Bandish (Raga Des) : "Inayat Ki sharam Rakhiyo rey".. I was about to collapse.. emotionally.. when I heard this level of singing at age 20 !

“Tansen” of our times !

I do not watch TV. During Holidays, I chanced upon something at Youtube.. and was mesmerized. I want to share the experience with YOU. I am an admirer of Hindustani Classical music .. this is close to my heart..

Mohammed Aman (pronounced : Amaan), 20, from Jaipur, India, sings with a range of 4 octaves (Chath`ush`ra) ! It is the highest note for any Classical Vocalist, be it Opera or any other school / form of vocal classical singing. A child prodigy, his unique talent was duly recognized in a Reality Show titled “Sa re ga ma pa” on Zee-TV. In an age when music is heard with ‘eyes’ (you have to be telegenic) to grab attention., this was music that was purely for the ear and at a higher level, for the soul. There was such perfect Taan-kari that it reminded people of some of the greats of Indian Classical Music. His fast taans remind listeners of Ustad. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan., his relaxed style of Ustad. Amir Khan… his taankari of Mme. Roshan Ara Begum., voice culture of Mme. Kesarbai Kerkar, treatment and mellifluous embellishment of singing remind people of Us. Fayyaz Khan., and the emotional quotient of his singing brings to mind Ustad Karim Khan. The Media labeled his fast Taans as if they were a ‘machine gun’of high notes ! They did use the wrong word. His fast taans were neither a machine gun nor a canon. The right word should have been the “Niagara Falls” of perfect notes. Those who know the intricacies of Classical Musical Tradition know how difficult it is to build a voice culture! What transparency of voice, what fluidity and mellifluousness of delivery… and what a throw !

Mohammed Aman is 20 yrs old, and has practiced music for all of those 20 years ! In other words, he was born to sing.

India is famous for its Taj Mahal. India's ‘soft power’ in the form of Bollywood, Taj Mahal and to that list, we may add Mohammed Aman as well., as he is a world-class talent and represents the “future” of Indian Classical Musical tradition… a tradition that is 5 thousand years old. We have not yet fully realized the immense potential of the soft power we possess, as a nation !

Why Him… ? Because he is the "Waaris" of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan's fast taans… Ustad Amir Khan's "Thehraav" in singing… Roshan Ara Begum's "Taiyyar Taa`nen" or Taankari… and Kesarbai Kerkar's "Drone" Raga-Daari …. His voice has the emotional pathos (bhaav) of Ustad Karim Khan !

So when all these things become 'gathered' in one person… that person becomes a "rarity"… an intellectual asset of a nation. We are honoured to have Mohammed Aman.. as the Tansen of my generation.

Will India honour him when he is 81 ? In the USA., they honor their teenagers/Justin Beibers and give them millions… In India we pull down our youngsters.. calling them "laundas"… Why ? Is it because of the frustration of the seniors ? We should trust the seed in man… as Rumi says : "Which seed was cast – but did not sprout ?". Life is an evolution.. a learning curve !

Listen to your heart for a while… When Amaan sings Raga Bageshri (episode 18) "Eriyey.. main kaise ghar jaa`oon… Mitwaa.. tumrey Dhin`gwaa.. beech dagar mohey rokey thaaro ter`dwaa ! Dhaani saras rang tehaarey Milan ko., beet jaat Joga`waa !". The kaise "GHAR" jaaoon delivery… would instantly remind one of Ustad Karim Khan Sahab (father of Hirabai Barodekar… and the Guru of Roshan Ara Begum !).

See how he renders/handles the Pakad/Chalan of Raga Bageshri : D n s .. n ... m P D … m g r s ….

I want you to listen to how he renders Raga Kedar (episode 28) : "Kaanhaa Rey ! Nand Nan`dann ! Param Niranjan… Yeh Dukkh Ban`dhan ! Kaanhaa Rey!".. where he pays tribute to Sri Krishna ! This is what the IDEA of India is all about. (in summary).

I am not related to him… have never met/known him / his family. Nor am I his self-appointed Promoter/Event Manager ! I chanced upon him during the last Holidays … that I heard his singing.. and I was blown away See if you can do something for him..

Invite him to a grand concert and Dilip Sab introduce him to the elite of Mumbai/India/world, in his Urdu. Allahmian ne jab kayenatt ki taqleeq ki.. that sort of speech ! Talent, Aman has … aplenty ! What is needed is marketing / exposure. When I see Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez making millions off their bizarre singing… and compare it with a 20-yr old Mohammed Aman… it cuts my heart.. and I feel very bitter.

Give Mohammed Aman due recognition. You don’t have to be 80 to receive it. Don’t you realize he is exceptional… singing in Cha`tu`shra.. (4 octaves). When you (and here I mean, the Institution you head) honour pure 'merit', you honour yourselves, in the long run ! Awards have lost their meaning because merit has been discarded. Restore merit back ! Do something IF your heart agrees. I am sorry if this had been a bother.. I want someone to do marketing… and take him to Oprah Winfrey show… where he must sing a Raga for 3 mins. You have got the Professionals.. who can do such a marketing promotion.. That way you encourage an artiste.. but even greater.. you enrich art itself.

Best Regards,
Gulam Dastagir
(a cultural transplant.. born in india.. presently in Jeddah Saudi Arabia – as a contract worker).
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Ankit Jain
28 Jun 2010, 12:08
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