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Story Of Seven Kins


This section is wriiten and maintained By Mr.Trinadh...

This is story of a simple family. It may not be of much interest to general visitors, but our intention in presenting it here is that 'a simple story can have a profound impact'. May be this story of the seven kins has something to inspire and boost up someone. We will be very glad if you can add your comments,suggestions feed back....Thanking You.- Web Team

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The Three sisters and their Seven Kins

Born to Nagothi Rama Rao and Nagothi Ammajamma, this story is about three Sisters who were inspirational to me and My brothers .

Nagothi Rama Rao and Ammajamma had six kids. The eldest one being N.Venkata Rao, followed by  Satyaveni, Malleswari and Sai kumari, followed by Narasimha Rao. There is another son after Narasimha Rao but he died very young.

RamaRao, our grandfather was a tough customer and his courage and determination was much adopted by his kids especially girls. Satya veni is the most cherished girl by Shree RamaRao in the family, malleswari the most dynamic and Saikumari the most silent one in the family.

Satya veni got married to Satyanarayana Potina on May 11th,1980.Malleswari got married to Venkata Ramana Jagupilla on December 19th,1982 and Saikumari got married to SambasivaRao Tammina on December 19th,1982.

Satya veni had two kids;Trinadh Kumar and Roja, Malleswari had three kids; RaviChandra, Hemanth Kumar, Anand Kumar and Saikumari had two kids DilipKumar and Abhishek.

One good lesson taught to these sisters by their father is to stay united and to respect elders always and the three sisters have followed those words to the core till now. These three sisters

Imbibed in them the spirit of their father ,“Live the life with Dignity and respect “ and they had done that all their life and now as I embark on a journey to reveal the biographies of us brothers  this fact that these three sisters are indeed champions in following in principle and in letter those words that their father gave to them will be exemplified.

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18 Feb 2013, 09:05

I was looking for content on Rani Rudrama Devi and landed in this site. I am really happy to visit this site and it is truly informative and appreciate you and the entire team, for putting together such a fantastic site.

Best of luck....

09 Nov 2011, 11:53
The website is tooo da way about ur family seven kins is cool.... i really love such relations in families...keeep rocking forever in da same way....:-) all da best.... but still u dint update about anand,abhishek and roja....hope u do it soon dilip....
Jayanta Debnath
19 Jun 2011, 23:21

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